90 Day Fiancé: Gino Admits To Jasmine He Was On A Sugar Daddy Site (Exclusive)

90 Day Fiancé: Gino Admits To Jasmine He Was On A Sugar Daddy Site (exclusive)

In the latest episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Gino finally admitted to Jasmine that he had signed up on a sugar daddy/sugar baby site. He went as far as saying that he paid women to go out with him.

Jasmine was devastated by the news, which clearly dampened their romantic getaway. She mumbled tearfully, "f**king sugar baby."

In the episode aired last Sunday, Jasmine informed Gino that an ex of his had gotten in touch with her through social media, saying that Gino had sent her naked pictures of Jasmine.

As for the sugar daddy claims, Gino said he was trying to meet women who wanted a long-term relationship. Still, because regular dating websites were not giving him the solution he needed, he thought he would "try something different."

He said he had paid women to go on dates with him a couple of times, but these were strictly dinner dates. Gino also clarified that he paid the women.

He also noted that Jasmine had gotten a wrong impression of him from this. As expected, Jasmine was upset and said she was not a sugar baby.

She also got emotional and told him, "This is the last time you will see me in your god**mn f**king life."

Gino then told her that she should go if she could not speak "peacefully" to him. Jasmine then cursed at him, saying:

"I hate you. You f**king liar. I hate you because you broke my f**king heart. But this will just make me stronger. And I will find true love. Because it might seem like it doesn't, but at the end, the good ones always succeed. Believe it or not. My time will come."

Later, it was clear that Jasmine was not as judgmental towards Gino as she was when she first found out that he had been a sugar daddy. She said she realized that everyone has a past and that Gino has proven himself to be a good person who was totally into her.

Jasmine fails to see how Gino is a pervert who abuses women. She thinks he joined sugar daddy websites to deal with his loneliness.

So, in general, she thinks that Gino is a good man who would not show any disrespect to a woman. She is also impressed that he has not taken off despite seeing her "super crazy and wild side."