9-Year-Old Tried To Save Her Twin Brothers Before All Three Were Mowed Down While Boarding A School Bus

9-year-old Tried To Save Her Twin Brothers Before All Three Were Mowed Down While Boarding A School Bus

Losing a child is an incomparable feeling for any parent. Unfortunately, it is a fate that has fallen on parents in Indiana.

On 30th October, one of the worst accidents that could ever happen, happened, and it resulted in the death of three little children, and the fatally injuring of another.

A nine-year-old girl –Alivia Stahl, and her two twin siblings –Mason and Xzavier Ingle were killed when a car ran them over. While speaking to WRTV, an uncle to the deceased, Elgin Ingle said that Alivia, the nine-year-old, always acted as a mother figure for the twins. She was always protective of them. It appears she tried to shield them from the gruesome accident, but unfortunately, the impact was too strong for her to be able to protect the twins or herself.


According to Mr. Elgin, the father of the deceased is still trying to come to terms with the loss of his three children. The uncle goes ahead to plead with the masses for emotional support through prayers. A fourth sister was spared from the onslaught as she was home that day. She was scheduled to see a doctor later in the day. Since the incident, a friend of the family opened a GoFundMe account, with a goal of reaching $100K. After just one day, the account had received more than $90,000.


The incident is said to have taken place in Rochester, Indiana, at 7:30 am, on the 30th of October. The State Police said the children were trying to board their school bus. The bus was temporarily parked on the roadside, with the stop-arm having been already activated. A pickup truck being driven by 24-year old Alyssa Shepherd came from the opposite direction and hit the four children.

The fourth child was an 11-year-old boy, Maverick Lowe. Lowe survived the incident but with fatal injuries. According to Lowe's mother, the boy suffered a busted kneecap, several broken ribs, and fractures in his wrist and arm. Luckily, he was airlifted to Fort Wayne Hospital, where he is recuperating. A GoFundMe page was also started for Lowe, and out of the $45,000 goal, $31,000 has been achieved. Still, according to Lowe's mother, Lowe has had his legs operated on and they are currently being held together by rods and pins. He has also had plastic surgery to try and fix his face. In his neck, by the spine, the boy also suffers from slipped disks.


Alyssa Shepherd, who is a mother of two, was arrested and charged with three counts of reckless homicide. She has also been charged with one count of passing a school bus and causing bodily injury to a child. She was, however, bonded out of jail.

All the children involved in the gruesome accident were students of Mentone Elementary School. Since the incident, The Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation, an organization that runs the schools in the area deployed school counselors. The counselors are to help other students, school staff, and parents with emotional grief and support.


Indiana governor, Eric J. Holcomb passed on his condolences to the family. Many other individuals and organizations are still sending condolence messages to the family, friends, and community. This has been termed as the worst accident to occur by a US school bus since 21st November 2016. The then accident involved students in Tennessee, where six lives were lost.