9 Wild And Dirty Things For Couples To Try In Bed

When you're in a relationship, the bedroom routine can become tedious quickly. However, it's not just for new couples to have great sex. The secret to keeping things lively and thrilling in bed is to be receptive to experimenting with new activities. But how many new things can you try before running out of ideas? If you're seeking to revamp your sex life, check out these enjoyable couples activities to explore.

1. Give/Get A Foot Job

Avoid contorting your face like that. Feet can be incredibly alluring, and there are numerous possibilities. Begin by taking a shower. Apply lotion or lubricant, then let your creativity run wild. Allow your feet to take the lead and observe if you can elicit a reaction from your partner.

2. Make A Sex Tape

If you haven't tried making a sex tape (or a video nowadays), you're missing out on something exciting. You don't need to do anything with the footage or even watch it, although you'll probably want to. Just knowing that you're being recorded can make you unleash your inner wild woman. You might become more vocal and playful with your hair, and your partner might try harder to bring you to orgasm, maybe even multiple times. If you're worried about the tape being leaked, make sure to delete it from your phone/computer and the cloud immediately. Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel's sex tape mishap taught us all that lesson!

3. Replicate Your Favorite Sex Scene

Creating a sex scene doesn't mean it has to be a pornographic one. You could act out a scene from Sex/Life, Sex Education, or even Bridgerton with your partner. Both of you can take on the roles of the characters, and you could even dress up in similar attire (or lack thereof!). Being someone else can be a fun change of pace. You might have an enjoyable Netflix and chill night with your partner!

4. Take THC Gummies

If cannabis is legal in your area, you can purchase gummies to enjoy a fun night in with your partner. These gummies come in two different types, Sativa and Indica, so it's essential to speak to the store clerk about what to expect from each one, especially if you have no prior experience with cannabis.

5. Have Extended Foreplay

Alternatively, you could focus solely on foreplay. The more you engage in foreplay, the more intense your sexual experience will be. Concentrate on sensual touches, tastes, and other pleasurable foreplay activities, and don't be afraid to incorporate playful accessories such as feathers, music, or food. To take your foreplay game to the next level, try spending a few days exclusively engaging in foreplay activities. By the end of this period, you'll be more than ready for some wild sexual adventures!

6. Have A Threesome

To add more excitement to your sex life, you might want to consider bringing another person into the bedroom. However, before you jump in, it's important to have a conversation with your partner about your expectations and boundaries. Would it be a one-time thing, or is it something you both want to pursue regularly? It's crucial to have a plan in place for what happens if one person feels uncomfortable and wants to stop. Keep in mind that while threesomes can be a thrilling experience, they're not for everyone. If your partner suggests it and you're unsure, don't hesitate to express your concerns.

7. Get Tied Up Or Tie Him Up

Adding bondage to your sexual repertoire can be incredibly arousing, but it's essential to discuss the specifics beforehand. Items like ropes, scarves, ties, or handcuffs can serve as restraints, but it's crucial to establish what is and isn't acceptable with your partner. Before you start, talk about any hard or soft limits you might have. Establish whether you need a safe word, or if a simple "stop" will suffice. While bondage can be a lot of fun, it's vital to ensure that both you and your partner are comfortable with the experience.

8. Share Your Kinkiest Fantasies

Sharing your fantasies with your partner can be one of the most enjoyable things to do in bed. Be explicit about the details, such as who's there, why you're there, what you're doing, and what you'd like to happen. Discuss why these fantasies are such a turn-on for you. And if you're particularly enjoying the fantasy, chat about how you might be able to make it a reality, or whether you even want to give it a try. Remember, some fantasies are just for fun, and not everything needs to be acted upon.

9. Try New Sex Toys

We often become accustomed to the way our sex toys function, using them to achieve a quick orgasm. However, if you know how each of your toys works, try experimenting with new ones. Perhaps your partner would like to try a prostate massager, or maybe you're ready to take control with a strapless strap-on device. The market is saturated with various toys, so trying something different can lead to a great deal of pleasure. Give it a try and see how much enjoyment you can have.