9 Ways You're Still Living The Single Life Even Though You're Taken


If you have been single for a long time, starting a new relationship can be a bit overwhelming. You have been accustomed to doing everything on your own, such as going to movies alone whenever you felt like it, and never RSVPing with a "plus-one". Even though you may be excited about your new partner and the fact that you're in a relationship, adjusting to having someone in your life can take some time. However, despite having a boyfriend, your daily routine and schedule remain unchanged. Here are some indications that you're still living as if you're single, even though you're in a relationship.

1. Your Friday Nights Are Still BFF Time

Prior to updating your relationship status on Facebook, you used to spend Friday evenings at your favorite bar, sharing anecdotes and fruity cocktails with your friends. Even though you're now in a relationship, you continue to do the same things. Although there's nothing inherently wrong with that, you should remember to make your boyfriend a priority if you want the relationship to flourish. While you should never abandon your besties for a significant other, at some point, you may need to sacrifice going out every Friday to spend time with your partner.

2. Your Travel Plans Don't Include Your Boyfriend

While it's true that going on vacation with your partner can sometimes result in arguments, being in a committed relationship means sharing experiences, including vacations. If you choose to plan a beach getaway with a friend or family member instead of your significant other, it could cause feelings of exclusion. Perhaps you're concerned that travel problems or complications might harm your relationship, but it's essential for every couple to take that initial trip together eventually. Starting now may be the best approach.

3. You Never Mention Him To Anyone

When we're in love, we have a natural inclination to express our feelings to others, besides experiencing a cozy sensation when we're around or thinking about our partner. If you meet up with friends for Sunday brunch and neglect to mention your significant other, it's a sign that you're still behaving as if you're unattached. You don't need to talk about him the entire time, of course, unless you want your friends to give you dirty looks. However, it's perfectly acceptable and expected to casually mention things like watching a Breaking Bad marathon together or his excellent curry-making skills.

4. You're Still Hung Up On Your Bad Dating Memories

We've all had our fair share of horrible dates that make for amusing anecdotes later on. However, if you're in a satisfying relationship but still harping on about your past awkward date experiences, it's time to question why you're stuck in the past despite having someone new in your life. A wonderful partner is like a ticket to forget all about those cringeworthy dates.

5. You Haven't Met Each Other's Friends And Fam

If you're not making an effort to spend time with your partner's younger sibling or introducing him to your parents, then you're not fully committing to the relationship. Building relationships with the important people in each other's lives is a crucial step towards a genuine connection. Even if your partner's mother doesn't warm up to you immediately (or ever), it's an inevitable aspect of sharing your life with someone else.

6. You Never Sleep Over At His Place And He Never Stays At Yours

Living alone (or with a roommate) and indulging in TV binges is a significant characteristic of the single life. However, being in a relationship involves sleepovers, plain and simple. If you're uncomfortable with your partner sharing your space some nights, then you're still behaving as if you're single, even if you refer to him as your boyfriend.

7. You Still Show Up At Parties Alone

What's the purpose of having a boyfriend if you're not going to bring him along to that potentially uncomfortable holiday party hosted by your old college roommate? However, many of us are hesitant to integrate our new partner into our social circles. Don't be afraid to invite him - what if he hits it off with everyone and it turns out to be a fantastic time?

8. You Have A Bunch Of Backup Guys

Single women have the liberty to date multiple guys simultaneously. If you're still texting a guy you met on Tinder before getting into a relationship, you're acting as if you're single, despite being committed to someone. How would you feel if your boyfriend did the same thing?

9. You're Afraid To Think About The Future

If you're feeling uncertain about the relationship or notice something amiss, it's natural to be hesitant to invest your all and want to keep a foot in the single world. However, this is not an enjoyable way to live. Either fully commit or end it before anyone gets hurt (which is likely to happen regardless).

At a certain stage, you must decide if you want to remain officially single or commit to your partner. Once you make a decision, you'll be much happier because you won't be stuck in a state of confusion between two worlds.