9 Ways Getting Your Heart Broken Changes You

It is said that losing a loved one can cause some of the most profound wounds that can never fully heal. Even though with time you may recover and move forward, the reality remains that every heartache alters your being and your perspective on life.

1. It's Harder To Go All-In With Love

The first time you experience love, you dive in headfirst, immersing yourself in the relationship with your partner. You risk everything, but then you come to realize that the basket you put all your eggs in has significant flaws. When it all ends, you comprehend that relying solely on one person can leave you with nothing.

2. You Realize How Important Your Friends Are

The person you placed first in your life removed himself from the equation. No matter how many bridges you burned, in times of crisis, your true friends will always stand by your side. Their loyalty will be appreciated like never before, and you will learn not to neglect them again.

3. You Learn To Rely On No One But Yourself

Prior to the breakup, you were part of a team, but afterward, you became a solo player. When you no longer have someone to rely on, that's when you discover your genuine independence. You understand that in life, the only person you can truly count on is yourself, and you never forget the resilience it took to rebuild your life.

4. You're Forced To Figure Out Who You Really Are

Following a breakup, it's common to feel disoriented and attribute your shattered self-esteem to external factors. However, it's only when you acknowledge that there's nothing wrong with you that you can begin to understand your true self. This realization comes after the initial shock wears off.

5. You Start To Doubt That True Love Actually Exists

Regardless of how you perceived love before your breakup, it's common to feel disillusioned and lose your romantic ideals afterward. Believing that there's a perfect match for everyone is no longer feasible. You may regain your faith in love with a new romantic interest, but until then, your once-sincere belief seems obsolete.

6. You Start To Think You'd Be Better Off Alone

Sometimes it seems like it would be simpler to navigate life alone. While loneliness can be a challenge, having the support of friends and family may suffice. After a heartbreak, it's difficult to justify the emotional turmoil, and it may take a new romantic interest to change your perspective. Until then, the thought of enduring heartbreak again may not seem worthwhile.

7. You Decide To Stop Kidding Yourself

It's only when you're outside of a relationship that you can see its flaws clearly. In the relationship, you may have been making excuses for unsatisfactory behavior, but after the breakup, the truth is illuminated. Once you recognize that your former partner wasn't "the one," you can begin to understand your worth and realize that you deserve better.

8. You Stop Giving Out Trust So Freely

This man was someone you trusted completely to love and care for you forever, even if he did not cheat. The promise of an unbreakable bond was suddenly shattered, leaving you with no end in sight. When the person you trusted the most lets you down, it becomes challenging to have faith in anyone else moving forward.

9. You Know You Can Get Through Anything

Heartbreak may not leave a physical wound, but it can be one of the most intense pains you'll ever experience. Once you've been through it, nothing else can hit you as hard, and this strength will remain with you for the rest of your life.