9 Ways Being Cheated On Changes You

If you've experienced infidelity, you know firsthand the devastating impact it can have. It can feel like a separate entity, robbing you of things you never imagined could be taken from you. When someone you love and trust cheats on you, it shatters more than just your heart; it has the power to alter you permanently.

1. Your self-esteem shatters

Once the initial anger towards your partner subsides after discovering the infidelity, you may begin to question what you did to contribute to it. However, the reality is that you likely didn't do anything wrong. Your partner simply failed to prioritize and respect your relationship at that time.

2. Trusting anyone afterwards is a huge task

Despite acknowledging that not all men are alike, the fear of being hurt again lingers when you open yourself up to love in the future. You may try to suppress this fear, but it has a way of sneaking up on you regardless of your efforts to protect yourself.

3. Love becomes incredibly scary

The emotional wounds of betrayal can linger for much longer than you might want to admit, and the thought of falling in love again after being cheated on can be frightening. You may be hesitant to give someone new the same level of power and trust that your ex once had over you.

4. You force yourself to care less about love

Following heartbreak, the world can appear less bright. When you begin dating once more, your optimism may be replaced with a reluctance to fully invest yourself, as you're hesitant to let your guard down and experience the pain of heartbreak once more.

5, You struggle to keep believing in love

The belief in love may be strong before experiencing infidelity; however, afterwards, it may falter significantly. The incident can alter your perception of love, making it difficult to view it in the same positive light as before.

6. A piece of you is taken away

It can be challenging to articulate precisely what has changed, but after being cheated on, a part of you may feel fundamentally altered. Despite attempts to move on, a void may remain, seeming impossible to fill.

7. You question your own worth

Infidelity can make you feel like you're not enough to fulfill your partner's needs and desires, essentially communicating that message to you. When you feel inadequate, it can be challenging to open yourself up to love once more.

8. It makes you feel stupid in love

Upon discovering the infidelity, you may feel a sense of foolishness and wonder how you missed the signs. You may even attempt to shoulder some of the blame, despite knowing it's not your fault. Dwelling on these emotions can make it even more difficult to move on.

9. It opens your eyes

While it may be painful, it's essential to acknowledge the truth, even if it's something you'd rather not see. Experiencing infidelity can reveal things you may have overlooked or ignored in the past. It's easy to idealize a relationship, even when it's not healthy, but being cheated on can provide a newfound clarity when entering into future relationships.