9 Warning Signs Your Mom Wants To Sleep With Your Boyfriend

We've all seen American Pie and we are aware that cougars prowl the streets looking for younger men to sleep with. But what if your mother had her sights set on your boyfriend?

Can you differentiate between your mother bonding with your partner in a healthy way or a sexual way? Here are some signs that your mom might be looking for a man closer to home to satisfy her appetite.

1. She's More Interested In Greeting Him Than She Is You

It's great when your significant other and your parents hit it off, but it's important to remember that your partner is not their child. Unless you've been in a long-term relationship with him to the point where he's like a second son to your family, there's no excuse for your mother to ignore you and focus on him. If this is happening, it might be a sign to grab your man and get out of there.

2. She Comments On His Physical Appearanceā€¦ A Lot

"Oh, you're so muscly! Oh, you're so strong! Have you been working out?" - Spare us. Of course, he has blue eyes, long eyelashes, and a nice smile. That's why he's your boyfriend. If you're thinking that your mom's flirting is harmless, imagine how it would feel if the roles were reversed, and his dad was saying the same things to you. It's not cute; it's creepy.

3. She Asks Him Personal Questions About Past Relationships

It's important to respect your partner's privacy when it comes to their past relationships, and if they feel comfortable sharing, it's their choice. Questions about previous partners can be relevant to understanding each other's histories and potential concerns, such as sexual health or emotional baggage. However, if your mother is prying into your boyfriend's past relationships and asking inappropriate questions, such as whether he's been with an older woman, that's a clear violation of his privacy and boundaries. Don't let it slide and speak up for your partner's right to privacy.

4. She Sends Him Overly Friendly Texts

Sending sweet messages to your boyfriend is a nice gesture, but it's inappropriate when those messages are coming from your mom. These texts are not generic, and if you're receiving them, it's important to address the situation. Your boyfriend may be just as uncomfortable as you are, and it's important to have an open and honest conversation with him. While spying on your partner's phone is not a healthy approach, if you happen to see a message preview while near his phone, it may be an opportunity to address the issue.

5. She Calls Him When You're Out Together

When you're out with your boyfriend and he takes a phone call, it can be frustrating and interrupt your one-on-one time together. However, it's usually just normal behavior. But if your mother is the one calling him, that's a different story. Unless there's a valid reason for her to contact him, such as planning a surprise party for you, it's bizarre and warrants an explanation from your mom. Additionally, it's perfectly acceptable to ask your boyfriend to not answer any more of your mom's calls in a polite manner.

6. She's At His Beck And Call When He's In Your House

Your mom never offers drinks or food to you or your friends when you visit, but suddenly she's offering your boyfriend a beer, a steak, or even a Ferrari? And to make matters worse, she might even call you out for not offering him anything (even though she jumped in first!). If she doesn't act like this with any other guests, it's a pretty clear sign that Mama Bear wants to take a bite out of your meat. Hands off!

7. She Dresses Up When She Knows He's Coming Over

Many people put on their best attire when they have guests coming over, but your mother is taking it to a whole other level. She's not just wearing a nice cardigan and some pearls. No, she's dressed provocatively with cleavage on full display, bright red lipstick, and an overwhelming amount of perfume. She's even squeezed herself into a tight outfit and strutting around in heels so high you can hardly stand in them. If you witness your mother dressing up like she's going out to a club, it might be a good idea to make plans to eat out instead of staying home. Maybe you can try the new Chinese restaurant around the corner.

8. She Gets Drunk And Starts To Flirt With Him

There's something really uncomfortable about seeing your own mother flirt, even when it's with men her own ageā€¦ but with your boyfriend? That's definitely not cool. Moms sometimes pretend like their flirtations are just harmless fun, and it can be challenging to confront her about it without coming across as a prude. If you can't put an end to it, then maybe it's best to cut the night short and head home.

9. She Goes In For The Kiss

Everything might be lost if it goes this far. I'm sorry.