9 Under Garment Rules That We Often Break Without A Second Thought

9 under garment rules that we often break without a second thought

Clothes have no meaning until someone tries to wear them.

Then everything comes to life - your personality, preferences, style, everything. Your true colors start working their magic, so you start shining and heads keep turning towards your direction.

And yes, we all know the 'life's too short to wear boring clothes' quotes, but on the other side - there are some basic fashion rules that should never be broken.

You can play by the rules and still look marvelous, don't worry at all!

#1 Visible Panty Lines Were Never In Style

9 Under Garment Rules That We Often Break Without A Second Thought

If there is one thing we've learned from Kim Kardashian, that would be the golden fashion rule that could save your life sometimes: don't be afraid of shapewear.

And that's practically all you need to hear today.

All inside info you need to know about shapewear, right in front of you:

Be careful with the colors you choose. The shapewear should always match your dress.

You can wear your shapewear with or without underwear, and that decision would be completely yours, depending on the model of shapewear you choose.

Don't use shapewear just for the sake of squeezing in a smaller dress. It will show, and you'll just end up torturing yourself instead of enjoying your night.

But still, there should be some balance in everything we do in our lives and the same stands for our fashion choices. Keep in mind that shapewear is too tight, so it can rub your skin and cause skin irritation.

#2 How Tight Is Too Tight?

9 Under Garment Rules That We Often Break Without A Second Thought

It's always hard to choose the right undergarments for an outfit. Especially if it's a challenging one, but after all, it's not a mission impossible.

However, always try to remember that the underwear under tight clothes should stay simple. And by simple, we mean no bold colors, shapes, or patterns. At all.

In cases like this one, less is more should become the words to live by.

Also, seamless nude underwear that has soft and thin edges sounds like a wonderful idea. No rough edges would show through.

Feel free to rummage through seamless undergarments the next time you visit your favorite underwear store.

#3 Nude And Black Hurts Our Eyes

9 Under Garment Rules That We Often Break Without A Second Thought

Women always think that there's no room for mistakes when it comes to choosing a bra that will go under a darker outfit.

Ok, except for the size, which knows to be a dreadful process. But once you figure it out, things should be smooth and nice.

Well, wrong.

Although black is a dark color, choosing any other bra color that is not black will lead you towards your worst nightmare.

The bra can be visible through the material, so believe it when you hear that it's not worth the risk. Play safe and choose a black bra.

On the other side, if you're struggling to find a nude color that perfectly matches your skin tone, always trust your inner forearm.

Wondering why?

In general, the inner forearm is the truest match to your natural skin tone.

#4 The Chronicles Of High-Wasted Underwear And Low-Waisted Clothes

9 Under Garment Rules That We Often Break Without A Second Thought

Many women don't pay attention to the underwear they choose when they're wearing high-waisted clothes.

Indeed, high-waisted clothes never go out of style and they look good with everything. But a bad underwear choice could blow even the perfect outfit combination to dust.

There are two things you need to keep in mind when you're going through some high-waisted clothes:

Low-waisted skirts, jeans, and trousers go only with low-waisted panties. You don't want your panties lurking from here and there.

High-waisted clothes need high-waisted panties. Because if you choose anything else, the low-waisted underwear could squeeze your hips and ruin the smooth, seamless impression from your figure.

Highs go with the high, lows with the low. And you'll be good to go!

#5 Forget The Visible Bra Straps

9 Under Garment Rules That We Often Break Without A Second Thought

Visible bra straps were always out of style.

They don't look good under anything and they ruin the overall visual impression instantly.

So why bother with straps?

There are far smarter options and choices for every type of cleavage.

Even if you're wearing a tank top or a dress that reveals a lot from your back, there are special clips that will allow you to connect the straps in the back, and people won't even notice them.

#6 Could There Be Friendship Between The Sleeveless Armholes And Bras?

9 Under Garment Rules That We Often Break Without A Second Thought

Sleeves can be a tricky thing.

When you're wearing a top or a dress that has wide and low sleeveless armholes, you should try to choose a bra that doesn't show underneath the clothes.

Moreover, you'll have to be careful what type of bra you choose regarding color, prints, lace, or similar.

A bonus tip would be to wear a decorative camisole in a matching color, but only if you're wearing something casual.

#7 A Bra Is A Low Neckline's Sworn Enemy

9 Under Garment Rules That We Often Break Without A Second Thought

Low necklines look so good. And it's not a secret that nearly all of our summer dresses are backless or have low necklines.

Of course, this causes a lot of headaches during the process of choosing the right bra.

Luckily, there are many choices you could make to still rock the backless or cleavaged dress.

For backless pieces of clothes, always choose adhesive bras. Or, if you are one of the luckiest girls in the world with smaller breasts, even nipple cover stickers would do the trick.

These invisible bras are good both with backless and clothes that have low necklines. Don't worry. They will stay in place throughout the day!

#8 Underwear With Contrasting Prints - Who Even Wears Them?

9 Under Garment Rules That We Often Break Without A Second Thought

Remember when we said that less is more should be your phrase to live by?

The same goes with underwear that has some colorful details or strong, contrasting prints.

A bra in leopard print showing under your beige shirt is not a sight for sore eyes at all. Moreover, it looks messy and it's not something that you should wear for work or anywhere.

Leave the colors, laces, and prints at home. Or wear them under clothes made of thicker materials.

In other words, you don't need these kinds of bras when you're wearing clothes from thin and gentle materials. Always combine the underwear depending on the color of your clothes. Or if you don't feel comfortable wearing colors, choose nude.

Nude bras go well with lighter colors and materials.

#9 Bonus Rules For Your Underwear Choices

9 Under Garment Rules That We Often Break Without A Second Thought

Fashion is an endless field open for discussion, but when it comes to fashion and lingerie, then compromises are nearly nonexistent.

If you're wondering whether your panties have an expiration date or not, keep in mind that you should replace them at least every 6 months.

Indeed, they are something that we need and wear all the time, and because of that, they wear out faster, become stretched, and don't look good as they used to.

Knowing this fact, always tend to have a few pairs of panties that match one of your bras.

Although, it won't be a mistake to buy new pairs of panties more frequently, so don't worry at all. Some underwear consultants advise buying new panties every time you go to buy a new deodorant.

Last but not least, always handwash your lingerie. And do it often. Only this way will it look brand new even after months of constant wearing.