9 Things Your Boyfriend Will Say That Prove Your Relationship Won't Last

9 Things Your Boyfriend Will Say That Prove Your Relationship Won’t Last

I know how much it sucks not knowing whether your relationship has a future or not. You can opt to wait it out and see how things go.

But what if he doesn't give you any obvious signs? What then? We know guys can be quite complicated to figure out.

That's why I'm about to reveal to you 9 signs that prove that the relationship you have with your boyfriend might not have the future you thought it had.


The Trick Is In The Things He Says

For any relationship, communication is important. In fact, it's more than important because it is essential. Without it, the relationship is pretty much doomed.

So, if you hear any or some of the following statements from your boyfriend, then consider finding a serious replacement. Your relationship is not heading anywhere.


1. "I Think Household Chores Are More Your Thing"

Unbelievable. And yet some guys have the guts to say this in the twenty-first century. You can have goals and dreams beyond housework. So, being asked to commit your life to take care of the home is a no-no.

2. "You Are Going Out In That?"

Obviously, this means he does not like what you are wearing. Even worse, it shows that he doesn't approve of your fashion choices. Having a controlling boyfriend is one of the most soul-sucking things you can ever do. Leave before it's too late and you can't even choose your friends.


3. "Do You Have Any Idea How Crazy You Sound Right Now?"

If every time you try to make a point, your man calls you crazy, there is no way the relationship will work. You need a man who will hear you out and respect your opinions.

4. "I Don't Believe In The Whole Marriage Thing"

Believe him when he says this and move on if you wanted a relationship leading to marriage. But if you are of the same idea, then it should not be a concern to you.


5. "If You Do That, It's Over Between Us"

Breakup threats are never a good sign for a relationship or any other kind of ultimatums, for that matter. This is a sign that you have jumped into bed with a manipulator. Someone who loves you will want nothing but to help you become the best version of yourself.


6. "Are You Having Your Period Right Now?"

This statement usually suggests that you have lost control of yourself. You should feel rightly insulted if you hear it, then move on and get someone more mature.

7. "My Ex Would Never Have Done That"

Comparisons are never a good sign, positive or negative. They prove that he is still hung up on their old flame. You are a special girl, above any comparison, especially to exes. You should not take such a man seriously. You will be disappointed.


8. "We Should Have An Open Relationship"

If these words come out of his mouth, get away fast and don't look back. This is an indication that he does not consider you serious enough to commit to, and you are there until the real deal comes along. So, why wait?

9. "You Should Always Be On My Side"

If someone cannot deal with criticism, then you should start exploring other options. Nobody can grow as a person unless they learn to take criticism well. A real man should take your suggestions seriously, even when they seem critical of his choices.


By any means, this is not an exhaustive list, but it should help you know if the expiry date on your relationship is coming up fast. There are some guys you should never enter long-term relationships with, and this list does a pretty good job of making you pick them out more easily.