9 Things You Should Stop Giving A Damn About Right Now

9 Things You Should Stop Giving A Damn About Right Now

If you're always trying to please everyone, the only thing that will change is you. And not for the better.

Here are 9 great examples of things you shouldn't care for any longer:


It's in our nature to be judgmental, but guess what? You will also be judged, and that's fine.

Judgment is someone's perception of you, which makes them feel comfortable. There's no reason for you to worry about it because it's not even about you.

Finishing line

People are scared of the final destination, the end of the road.

Fear of those final moments is what's keeping you from living. Try to be right here and now, otherwise you will have something to regret in your last days.

Rewards and approvals

Are you driven by your ego or simply trained to get a treat for every positive thing you ever did?

Don't rely on external rewards to make yourself feel useful or validated. You should enjoy your success, but more importantly, develop a curiosity that will challenge your views.

Toxic relationships

Do you need to spell it out? Toxic relationships, romantic or friendly ones, don't deserve you. And you certainly don't need a person who will drag you down.

Your friends will have good and bad days, but the best ones will always inspire you and give you space to grow.


If you don't fail, you won't know you succeeded.

Failure won't define you unless you let it. And by dwelling over it, you are the one making it more significant, and scarier.

Accepting failure, in business or private life, moving on from it, and eventually learning, will make you more mature. The more you force yourself to keep failure in your life, the less likely you'll feel the sweet taste of victory.

Being comfortable all the time

Learn to be uncomfortable, to feel unsafe.

Any new activity will help you step out of your comfort zone. And the more you learn to be okay by feeling unsafe, the closer you'll come to conquering all your irrational fears.


Can you change the past? No, but you can change the way you see the past events.

Regrets, like failures, are great teachers. And one of the most important things to learn is that all you have is now. And at this very moment neither the past nor the future is here, so always be here and now.

What you don't have

The more time you spend thinking about what you don't have, the less gratitude you show towards everything you made.

In a world of consumerism, spiritual growth doesn't seem to be the first thing we talk about. It's our new dresses, shoes, or cars. But you have the power to change that.

Shopping is fine, but something is compelling when you show gratitude for having the life you're living.

Focus on building a happy, healthy, productive life. If you can't change it, let it go. Accept people the way they are, and don't let them affect you.