9 Things Girls With Baby Faces Are Tired Of Hearing

There are advantages to having a baby face. You can maintain a "youthful" mindset because you will still look the same for the next two decades of your life. However, it can be frustrating when people frequently remark on your youthful appearance. Eventually, you become aware of your appearance and wish that people would refrain from commenting on it. These are the common remarks that girls with baby faces are weary of hearing; they occur more frequently than expected.


1. "You're So Cute!"

We desire to be attractive, gorgeous, or alluring, not just cute. Referring to a girl as "cute" can be viewed as a watered-down version of acknowledging her good looks. Why must having a baby face always be associated with the term "cute"? It makes it seem like you're talking to a pet. Consider using a different adjective.

2. "I Can't Take You Seriously When You're Angry."

Just because I have a baby face doesn't diminish my genuine anger when I'm upset. It's crucial to take me seriously, as continually pointing out that my face doesn't convey seriousness will only further aggravate me.


3. "Maybe You Should Try Wearing More Makeup."

What if I am content with the level of makeup I currently apply? Or, what if I prefer my natural appearance and choose not to wear any makeup? It's frustrating that I feel compelled to use cosmetics to appear more mature.

4. "Just Wear Heels More Often."

It's ridiculous to assume that wearing heels would alter the appearance of my face. Instead, I would suffer from discomfort while still maintaining my baby face. Although high heels may enhance a woman's overall look, they can make me appear as if I am a child playing dress-up rather than an adult due to my youthful facial features.


5. "I Thought You Were So Much Younger!"

I appreciate your comment, but I am uncertain whether to feel insulted or complimented. How much younger do you think I appear? It's difficult to determine a person's age solely based on their appearance, especially if they possess a baby face, so please refrain from making such remarks in the future.

6. "You Look Like You're Still In High School."

Why do individuals always feel compelled to make this particular remark? Indeed, I am cognizant that my appearance exudes youthfulness, but please refrain from being patronizing about it. Although I may look like a high school student, I am not one, so please avoid treating me as if I were.


7. "You're Going To Look Like That Forever."

Is appearing youthful in later years truly a negative attribute? Isn't that what people aspire to achieve in life? If anything, I interpret this as a compliment because when I reach 80 years old, I will look like I am 40, whereas you will likely appear your age.

8. "You're Like A Little Sister To Me."

I am uncertain which is worse; hearing this comment from a guy whom I admire or from a friend who is the same age as me. I do not wish to be perceived as a "little sister" since it makes me feel like a child.


9. "ID, Please."

Regardless of one's age, being asked for identification when visiting a bar is bound to happen on occasion. However, it's frustrating when everyone in your group of friends knows that you'll be the first one asked to present your ID at the door. Therefore, it's essential to be prepared and have your identification ready to avoid any inconvenience.