9 Signs Your Relationship Is On A Collision Course


No breakup comes as a complete surprise, whether or not you acknowledge the signs. There are always indications of what's coming. If you're experiencing these ten things, then your relationship is in danger, and it's about to end.

1. Your Fights Are Nastier Than Usual

It's a significant indicator that your relationship is in trouble when your partner starts insulting you or belittling you during arguments. It demonstrates a lack of respect, and they're no longer interested in showing you love and affection. No matter how angry they are, it's not acceptable to want to harm you.


2. They're Not Pulling Their Weight

If you're the only one putting in the effort and they seem uninterested in you, they've already given up on the relationship. Responding with "whatever you want" when you ask if they want to go out for dinner isn't a positive sign.

3. They're Forgetful

When someone forgets your birthday or anniversary despite previously being attentive to such occasions, it may be tempting to excuse their behavior as the result of being too busy. However, such excuses are not sufficient to explain their complete disregard for your special day. This behavior indicates that you are no longer a priority to them and they have likely downgraded the significance of your relationship.


4. You're Biting Your Tongue

If your partner's words or actions consistently frustrate you on a daily basis, it is crucial that you communicate your feelings to them. Ignoring these issues will only lead to a massive argument. Moreover, if your partner is irritating you more than usual, they may be trying to signal that they want out of the relationship. Trust your instincts if you feel like they are no longer invested in your relationship.


5. They're The King Of One-Word Answers

The warning signs of a dying relationship can often include a decrease in communication between partners. It's possible that your significant other is using this tactic to distance themselves from the relationship without creating a fuss. Although one-word answers may have once been intriguing in the early stages of dating, they can become bothersome over time.


6. They're Not Available

You used to have no trouble reaching your partner, but now it feels like you need a search party to locate them. This could be a result of them deliberately making themselves less available to you or being preoccupied with someone else. It's frustrating to feel as though your partner is attempting to distance themselves.

7. They're Spending More Time Out There Without You

While you and your partner previously prioritized each other, it now seems as though they are always occupied with other plans when you attempt to plan something special together. They only seem to have time for you when there isn't anything else going on.


8. You're More Tired Than Usual

Feeling drained in your relationship could indicate that you're either fed up with it or that you've been putting in a lot of effort to make things work. It's unfair that you're bearing the brunt of the relationship load all by yourself. Another pair of shoulders would definitely come in handy! Regrettably, your partner may not even realize that you're struggling with this burden.


9. Your Partner Is Always Surprising You

Unfortunately, these surprises aren't the kind that you'd welcome with open arms. Your partner's recent changes catch you off guard. They used to dislike metal music, but now it's all they listen to. They never showed any interest in beach holidays, but now they're planning a trip with their friends. What's happening? When your partner transforms right in front of you, it could be that they're exploring new facets of their personality. This can make you feel like you're dating a stranger. Although change isn't always a negative thing, it's concerning if your partner is keeping these new aspects of themselves hidden from you.