9 Signs That Show You Are No Longer His Priority

9 Signs That Show You Are No Longer His Priority

Every relationship starts with a phase where you are each other's top priority. At this stage, you are enthralled with your significant other, and getting to know each other keeps you on your feet.

However, this phase passes, overfamiliarity sets in, and before you know it, your man starts taking you for granted.

Not everyone experiences this, but if you feel that something has changed about your man, here are 9 signs to watch out for in discovering if you are still his priority.

He doesn't call like he used to

When you first started as a couple, it's likely he called for the flimsiest reasons; to hear your voice, to know if you have eaten, or to even hear you tell what you're wearing.

It's also possible you had long talks, but now he rarely calls and when he does, it's probably because he had missed many of yours. He always makes excuses like "I was busy" or "I wasn't with my phone." The truth is, if you're his priority, he'll make time for you.

He's online but not texting you

Gone are the days of seeing you online and chatting you up or seeing your chats and replying before any other person does.

It's also possible that no matter how long a message you type, he replies with only one or two words. This sign points to an underlying issue, and if you talk to him about it but continues, you are no longer his priority.

He becomes oblivious to your feelings

He shared your joys and sorrows at the beginning. It's likely that when you didn't even want to talk about some things, he'd do everything to draw you out.

Now he chooses to ignore your happiness or sadness. Even when you take the initiative to talk, he doesn't really listen or just changes the subject. It is a sign that those things about you that mattered matter no more.

He would preferably spend time with others than with you

At first, he chose to spend time with you over spending time with his friends. No gathering was more important than meeting you.

Now, there's always something else to do. He doesn't take the initiative to propose going out on a date with you and when you do, he's never available. This is a sign you shouldn't overlook.

He no longer spends quality time with you

The time you spent talking about each other's day, smoothening out differences, and helping each other smile through a bad day was a constant feature at the start.

Now, on the contrary, such conversations don't just hold, and going out to spend time together seems like too much to ask. For a healthy relationship, spending quality time together is a must. If he's avoiding this, be smart enough to know what this means.

He always makes excuses for his actions

Instead of taking responsibility for his actions, he makes excuses. In place of making an actual effort, it becomes easier to make excuses. This is a siren sending out a clear warning.

A man who loves you and has you as his top priority will do all in his power to make you fall in love and stay in love. When he makes no effort to keep you by his side, that's the handwriting on the wall.

He doesn't care to resolve issues

When you are his priority, he will do his best to work issues out. If an argument can't be resolved immediately, he can leave it till another convenient time.

When you're no longer his priority, he doesn't mind leaving things unresolved and never returns to them. Should they compile and lead to bigger issues, he doesn't care.

He doesn't listen when you talk

If he would rather engage in conversation with someone on his phone while you are right in front of him, it's clear what's more important to him, especially if this happens often.

It could also be that when you express your grievances or concerns, he often says, "sorry, what were you saying?". If your thoughts are important to him, he will take time to listen.

When you need him the most, he's unavailable

There was this time when a small sniff from you had him running all the way down, a time when your tears moved him. He always showed up to get you out of a messy situation.

Now, no matter how important an event is to you, he doesn't show up. When you call him to help you out of a fix, he never comes. Worse still, there is never a worthwhile reason for not showing up. It's a pointer to the fact that you are no longer his priority.

If you notice two or more of these signs, it's time to sit down together and get to the bottom of things. Don't try to force what isn't working out.