9 Signs She's In Love With You But Is Too Afraid

9 Signs She’s In Love With You But Is Too Afraid

If you are like most men, you can admit that girls are not easy to understand. The problem is even worse when you are just starting to learn more about them.

But one thing you have to understand is that girls are afraid that their hearts will get broken. This makes them very cagey about their feelings, which increases the mystery and strangeness many guys see in them.

So, all in all, getting an "I love you" from a girl is no minor thing. Girls can find saying these three words to be incredibly intimidating.

Granted, it is never easy telling someone you love them. And it's not like it's the most natural or common thing to say to someone. It takes far more than a few dates before you can make this confession.


In any case, you have to show quite a bit of patience with the girl before she can admit that she loves you. But at other times, a girl will love you but not tell you about it, and below are 9 signs that a girl loves you even though she hasn't openly admitted it.

1. She imitates some of your habits and mannerisms

She might deliberately or subconsciously adapt your habits and mannerisms. Science shows that we tend to do this with people we are deeply attracted to in some way or another. So, the reason she imitates you could have something to do with the fact that she loves you.

2. She constantly teases you

Don't think she teases you out of hate or a desire to make you feel bad about anything. All she is doing is trying to get closer to you in an intimate sort of way.


3. She always finds your jokes funny

When the two of you are together, she's always laughing. She wants you to know that she feels very comfortable around you and finds your sense of humor very attractive.

4. She never delays responding to your texts

A girl who does not make you wait for days before responding to your texts probably loves you. That is why she does not play hard to get and instead loves talking to you and chatting with you whenever you try to reach out.


5. She tries to spend as much time with you as she possibly can

When you spend time with this girl, she tries to make sure it's quality time. For instance, she can prolong the conversations you have and make an effort to be good company.

6. She regularly compliments you

A girl who has feelings for you will try to make you feel better whenever she can. That is why she will give you a lot of compliments instead of telling you she loves you. She is indirectly saying she loves you by telling you the things she likes about you.

7. She always takes you up on your offer to hang out


Whenever you want to hang out, this girl will try to make herself available. Never mind that she has a busy schedule and a life of her own. This goes to show she makes time in her schedule just for your sake.

8. She tries to take good care of you

This girl will make an extra effort to take care of you and seems to be putting your happiness before her own. She makes an effort to be dependable so that you can turn to her for assistance at any time, and she will even make sacrifices to achieve this.

9. She's flirtatious with you

A girl who loves you will always be flirting with you. That is a way to keep you interested in her by showing you that she can make an effort to keep the attraction between the two of you going.