9 Signs He Knows He Messed Up & Wants You Back, According To A Guy

From a male perspective, I can confirm that when men make mistakes in relationships, it can often take us some time to acknowledge our errors and express a desire for another opportunity. Although it would be ideal to immediately recognize our wrongdoing, it's not always the case. Here are some indicators that your ex-partner has finally come to terms with their mistakes and wants to reconcile with you.

1. He Stays Single Long After The Breakup

In the aftermath of a breakup, a man may attempt to hastily return to dating in order to avoid facing reality. However, if he refrains from entering a new relationship for an extended period after being dumped, it could suggest that he has not fully resolved the issues that led to the split. There may be lingering thoughts that he is unable to process and confront. Alternatively, choosing to stay single may signify that he is holding out for a chance to reconcile with you.

2. He Contacts You Out Of The Blue

It's not common for men to reach out and contact you "just to check in" after a breakup. So, if an ex-boyfriend unexpectedly messages or calls you, there is likely a reason behind it. Chances are, he has come to the realization that he made an error and wants to make things right. However, he may not necessarily explicitly apologize; instead, he may simply want the opportunity to demonstrate through his actions that he regrets what happened and hopes to reconcile with you.

3. He Asks Your Friends About You

In modern times, social media can be a useful tool for staying up to date with others. However, if a man has come to terms with a significant error he has made, he may exert extra effort to gather information about you. He may be curious to find out if you have moved on and whether or not you are open to forgiving him for his actions. If he is committed to the idea of repairing your relationship, he may prefer to reach out to your friends for information rather than relying solely on social media.

4. He's Hiding His New Girlfriend

Have you ever suspected that your ex is seeing someone new but trying to keep it under wraps? It's not uncommon, and typically, it's related to you in some way. It's possible that he recognizes the mistakes he made in the past and hopes to reconcile with you, even if he's currently dating someone else. In such a scenario, he may attempt to portray himself as single to you. This is because he desires to rekindle your relationship, even if he's currently involved with another woman.

5. He's Self-destructive

Whether it's evident on social media or through his friends, self-destructive behavior typically indicates feelings of regret or guilt. When a man recognizes that he has made a mistake and desires to reconcile with you, but doesn't know how, he may feel helpless and react in destructive ways. Therefore, if you ended the relationship because of his wrongdoing, it's not coincidental that he begins to act recklessly or impulsively.

6. He Undergoes Major Life Changes

Regret can often drive people to make impulsive decisions. If a man begins to make significant changes in his life, it may be an attempt to compensate for his mistakes and acknowledge that he won't be given a second chance. He might relocate or undertake a behavior that appears to be out of character. Subconsciously, he may believe that such a move will help him move on from his feelings because he assumes that you won't forgive him for his blunder and take him back.

7. He Gives You A Long, Drawn-out, Heartfelt Apology

It may seem apparent that a man will apologize once he acknowledges that he made a significant error. However, if he wants to reconcile, he may extend the apology to make it appear more genuine. If he sends you a lengthy apology via email or text, or if he arranges for an extended, uncomfortable in-person meeting, it indicates that he genuinely recognizes the harm he caused you. Furthermore, it demonstrates that he is eager to change his ways, mostly because he desires to rekindle your relationship.

8. He Talks Like He's Still Your Boyfriend

Men can be sly about the way they attempt to reintegrate themselves into your life. Some men are aware that they made a mistake but desire another opportunity to prove themselves. In such situations, they may believe that you will be willing to give them another chance. Consequently, they may start talking to you and treating you as they did when your relationship was just beginning. It's as though they have assumed that you have forgiven them and are getting back together with them. This action generally implies that he acknowledges that he made a mistake and is remorseful, but he is not willing to confess his misdeeds. Rather, he wants to move past it by attempting to act like your partner again.

9. He Bargains To Get Back Together

It's important to remember that bargaining is one of the stages of grief. After a man realizes that he has destroyed something valuable, he may go through these stages, including attempting to bargain his way back into the relationship. He will understand that the relationship has ended and will do whatever it takes to win you back. While this behavior may not be pleasant, it demonstrates that the man acknowledges that he was responsible for damaging the relationship and desires a reunion.