9 Scariest Haunted Dolls You Do Not Want in Your Home

While growing up, we found comfort, fun, and delightful companions with dolls. But when we became adults, our childhood cherished playing items turned into a real-life nightmare.

The frozen grins and vacant eyes are scary as hell. Can you imagine waking up at night only to finds the doll you left on the couch staring at you and walking towards you?

Haunted dolls are believed to haunting nightmares and scurrying through homes. They can even bring misfortunes into anyone who comes into contact with them.

Here are the creepiest dolls you shouldn’t keep in your home or play around with.

1. Annabelle

Annabelle is a Raggedy Ann doll, enclosed in a glass case in the collection of the famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Annabelle has been featured in horror movies and sequels.

Annabelle was given to a young nursing student named Donna by her mother in 1970, according to the Warrens. This doll would move around the room when Donna and her roommate Angie weren’t at home.  

However, things got scarier when the doll started leaving written notes, asking for help.

The doll even attacked Angie’s boyfriend. And when they called a psychic, it was revealed that it had been possessed by the spirits of a girl, called Annabelle.

2. Robert the Doll

This doll was an inspiration for the terrifying Chucky doll in the Child’s Play series. It’s a life-sized doll which was gifted to a Florida artist, Robert Eugene as a birthday present in 1904 by his grandfather.

In another story, the doll is believed that it was a gift from a malicious voodoo-practicing maid as a revenge against the family. The stories say that Robert the Doll could change expressions and sometimes move around the house on its own.

Some of the people who lived in Robert’s house reported that they could even hear Robert talking to the doll, and it would respond.

The doll was later blamed for misfortunes in the Otto family.

3. Elmo

Elmo is among the most sold dolls ever and was seen as a must-have holiday gift in many families. The first Elmo doll was sold in 1996, and it’d giggle when someone ticked it.

The Elmo Knows Your Name doll was then introduced and it had been programmed to speak is owners name among other phrases.

In 2008, Bowman family bought the doll, but when they changed its original battery, the toy started ad-libbing. And in a sing-songy voice, it chanted “Kill James.”

4. Mandy the Haunted Doll

This doll is usually kept in a separate display in the Quesnel Museum in Canada.  The Mandy is believed to knock other clowns if displayed together.

Stuff at the museum also claims that when visitors try taking a picture of Mandy, their cameras often fail. They also report that their lunches disappear.

The woman who donated the doll to the museum also reported that she was getting rid of it because it used to cry at night.

5. The Haunted Gang

These dolls are known to be possessed, and their names are; Chrystal, Monika, Sharla, True, Isaac, Lilly, Cameron, and Ashley.

The owner of this dolls said that while recording them, one ghostly boy appeared at the bottom of a staircase.

6. Ruby the Haunted Doll

Just like most dolls, Ruby would move from one place to the other. The owner even reported finding it at different places in the house.

And the scaring this was, picking Ruby induced a feeling of nausea and sadness. The doll now lives at the Travelling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult.

7. Charley the Haunted Doll

This doll was first discovered in the attic of an old Victorian home in New York in 1968. It was found locked away in a trunk with newspapers that dated back to the 1930s.

Charley was found near a yellow paper that had the Lord’s Prayer written on it.

The doll was believed to move around, and the youngest daughter had even claimed that it had spoken to her one night. The little girl and her siblings were terrified to go near the doll. In one incidence, their parents discovered mysterious scratches on the little girl’s body.

8 Island of the Doll

The Island of the Doll is situated in the Xochimilco canal system in the south of Mexico City. The scene is displayed with decaying and broken dolls hanging on trees.

The dolls are believed to have been placed by the former owner of the island, Juliana Santana, to appease the spirits of a girl who drowned nearby.

9. Letta the Haunted Doll

Also known as Letta Me Out, Letta the Doll is one of the scariest looking dolls out there. It’s said to be over 200 years old, made with wood carvings, and with real human hair.

The doll’s owner, Kerry Walton, claimed to have found it in the 1970s as he was exploring a deserted home in Wagga Wagga, Australia.

Once he brought the doll to his home, strange events started happening. Household items shifted positions, scuff marks appeared on the floor, and children complained of nightmares.

One night, Walton children woke up screaming that the doll was talking and moving around on its own.

Dogs also turned aggressive whenever they were near Letta, and people who visited the home also claimed to see the doll changing positions.