9 Reasons To Wear Whatever You Want, Regardless Of Your Size

What you wear should not be determined by your weight. Despite the fashion industry's obsession with super slim bodies, feeling confident in whatever you wear is what makes you look beautiful. So, wear whatever you want, and you'll look amazing regardless of your size.

1. You Only Live Once

Even if you believe in reincarnation, your present moment is what matters. If you like the current trends, don't hesitate to wear them. Who cares what others think? Be proud to rock that crop top and wear what you want!

2. Clothes Are A Lot Of Fun

Clothing can express who we are, and we should embrace it. Vintage dresses or '70s tops, wear whatever appeals to you, and don't let anyone restrict you. Fashion is about expressing yourself, so wear what makes you feel good and don't let anyone else control you.

3. You're Beautiful — Duh

It should be obvious, but women spend too much time tearing each other down. Remember, we're all beautiful in our way, and being true to yourself is what makes you even more beautiful. So, embrace who you are, including your fashion choices, and don't let anyone's negativity get in your way.

4. It's Important To Do What Makes You Happy

Wearing what others deem "right" will only make you feel uncomfortable and unhappy. Don't pay attention to the fashion industry, friends, or even your boyfriend's opinion. Wear what you want, and feel good about it. Don't let anyone else's opinion hold you back from feeling comfortable in your own skin.

5. No One Controls Your Feelings But You

If you're feeling overweight, it's likely because you're allowing yourself to feel that way. Although others may comment on your appearance, they cannot control your emotions. Instead, opt to feel self-assured and attractive in what you wear, and the outcomes can be extraordinary.

6. People Are Too Judgmental, Anyway

People expend excessive amounts of time fretting about what others are doing. However, the opinions of others are irrelevant and have no bearing on your life. Let them stare- perhaps it's due to your stunning appearance.

7. Shoes Don't Care How Much You Weigh

Regardless of whether you've gained weight, your shoes will still cherish you, accentuate your features, and fit you perfectly. Even if the scale indicates otherwise, shoes will always provide the same level of love and support.

8. Body-shaming Is Disgusting You Shouldn't Buy Into It

Your body belongs to you, and you are free to do as you choose with it. Other people's opinions about how it should appear should not influence you. Additionally, individuals who engage in body shaming are repulsive and should not be permitted to alter your beliefs.

9. It's Liberating

I derive great pleasure from engaging in activities that others don't anticipate, don't approve of, or say I can't do. Rejecting the advice and opinions of others and wearing whatever makes you feel happy can be incredibly empowering. I urge you to try it - you may discover that you love it.