9 Reasons "Friends With Benefits" Rarely Works


A relationship without any strings attached may appear to be easy and thrilling. You select a friend you already enjoy spending time with and add sex to the mix, assuming it will be mutually beneficial. However, it's seldom that straightforward, and once the sexual aspect is complete, it's probable that the friendship will come to an end as well.

1. Someone Always Catches Feelings

It's unavoidable - one person will inevitably develop stronger feelings than the other, which can lead to the ruin of the arrangement and the friendship.

2. It Closes You Off From The Real Thing

Engaging in casual sex with a friend may appear to be practical, but it can impede the search for a genuine relationship. It might offer limited rewards in comparison to pursuing a romantic relationship.

3. It Mirrors An Almost Relationship

Mostly, you behave as if you are in a romantic relationship - engaging in flirting, spending time together, and having sexual encounters - even though there is no actual commitment. It can be difficult to draw a boundary when you enjoy the physical aspect of the relationship but have no intention of pursuing anything serious.

4. It Ruins The Friendship

Once the friends with benefits arrangement comes to an end, the dynamic of the friendship will inevitably change. Having shared intimate moments with each other, those memories are likely to stay ingrained in your mind, leading to some discomfort and awkwardness after the arrangement has ended.

5. Jealousy Is Inevitable

If you are out with your friend with benefits and they begin flirting with someone else, it can be aggravating. Even if you have no interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with them, their attention towards someone else can still hurt your feelings.

6. It Almost Always Gets More Complicated Than 'just Sex'

Engaging in sexual activity with someone over an extended period can result in developing deeper feelings for them. Moreover, if you were already friends before, this can create some complications that the initial agreement of having a casual, no-strings-attached relationship cannot simply ignore.

7. If It Does Turn Into Something Else, The Lines Are Already Blurred

The boundaries between friendship, respect, and the nature of the relationship will remain blurred due to the way it began. Even if the relationship transitions into exclusive dating, it will always be more challenging to navigate than a conventional relationship.

8. It's Not Safe

No matter who you engage in casual sex with, there are always risks involved. These risks include the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases due to not being in an exclusive relationship, as well as the potential for unwanted pregnancy. Ultimately, there are just too many risks involved with casual sex.

9. It Has To End Eventually

A friends with benefits arrangement always has an expiration date as it is one of the primary stipulations. If you are aware that it is inevitably going to come to an end, it begs the question of why bother getting into it in the first place?