9 Real Life Issues That A Lass With Resting Bitch Face Has To Deal With

When you have a resting bitch face life becomes a real struggle ––– you have to deal with people often thinking you have a problem when you’re doing just fine. Your family, friends, and work colleagues ask, “Are you okay today?” almost every day. Know that many women have this condition and maybe “resting bitch face” is only a thing due to gender roles. Why must women always look pleasant and inviting? The truth is a bitchy face can get things done sometimes. What’s important is that you know yourself, and if you’re good, you’re good. So, what’s the issue?

Sadly, it is not easy to ignore the concern from loved ones and strangers alike. The outside world always finds ways to disrupt your inner peace. Friends continue to worry that you seem too grumpy or moody even after you explained your spirits are high. But dear reader, fellow sister sufferer of resting b-face, you are not alone.

1. As a person with resting b-face, simply exist will make everyone concerned that you’re not okay. Family, relatives, and friends always ask, “Can you try to smile and look happy?” With time, they will come to understand that your resting b-face is your happy face.

2. You find yourself continually convincing people that you are all right. Nothing is as hard as trying to prove to someone who thinks that you aren’t okay that you are perfectly fine. In fact, you may be in a high mood only to find that their questioning made you grumpy.

3. Making friends is a challenge! Many people think you look like a snob just because of your bitch face. They won’t dare make the first move and, for those brave enough, they might think that you will ignore their advances.

4. You look moody more often than not. People who aren’t used to you will think that you are unhappy, angry, or dissatisfied with life. What they don’t know is that you may be having a happy moment on the inside.

5. People assume you’re patronizing. How much worse can it get? First, they think you are moody. Then, they accuse you of having a bad day. Third, they believe you are a snob. Lastly, you have to assure these people that none of this is true. Talk about life not being fair at all.

6. No one knows when you are angry. Whether you’re happy or sad, your facial expression never seems to change. You still have your signature resting b-face. So when you are finally truthfully angry, and people say, “She is always that way,” you burn internally with more intensified fury.

7. You feel hurt when you learn your friends initially thought you seemed mean. Learning this not only makes you hurt but you become a bit anxious around strangers. You wonder if they are thinking of you negatively.

8. Because of your face, you have to put in extra work. First, you need to smile more often. Secondly, you need to assure strangers that the look you have is not a reflection of your feelings. This can really suck. Instead of just blending in with the crowd, you will be busy trying to convince people that you are a friendly, loveable person. Failure to do this means you lose a chance to make friends.

9. Resting b-face can lower your self-esteem. You know you’re the sweetest person, but your face tells otherwise. You wonder why people judge you by your looks. Why can’t they ignore what they see and just give you a chance? I mean, you are not this dreadful one-eyed ogre.

Let us face it, your face is bitchy. That’s just life. You just need to appreciate who you are without faking it. Some people will understand you despite your bitchy face. Your true friends will even look beyond your face. In short, be yourself. You are unique and special.