9 Perfect Examples Of Why Most Men Can't Handle A Female Empath

9 Perfect Examples Of Why Most Men Can’t Handle A Female Empath

The bitter truth is that finding love is hard if you are a female empath. And a few heartbreaks along the way might be part of this cherished journey. The problem is that many people cannot handle the higher level of sensitivity you have, or the deep natural connection you share with others.

All an empath wants is to love with all she has and to get the same kind of love back. This person wants powerful relationships and deep connections. But that often turns out to be an uphill task as people try to dodge such relationships. This woman might give her all, and yet receive no positive connection, or gratitude, or appreciation in return.


And for this reason, finding love can be a challenge for them.

But why is that? Here are 9 examples of why most men will give an empathetic woman a wide berth.

1. Their Honesty Is Hard To Bear

An empath is all about the truth, and if you cannot handle it, then you'll never get far with her. However, truth is good and it helps you grow. But it costs empaths friendships and relationships.


2. She Needs Stability

Since her world is full of emotional turmoil, she needs more stability in her life. This includes routines and other consistent ways of doing things to give them the stability their personalities deny them.

3. They Are Very Inquisitive And Curious

To an empath, taking things at face value is not enough. They believe there is a meaning behind everything in life. And so, they can ask a lot of questions, which can be a problem for some men. But they are right – we should question things in order to understand where a relationship is headed.


4. They Know What They Want

An empath is not trying to see how things turn out. When she has decided it's you, she is in all the way. And although she does not need more effort than other women would, she will have a harder time withstanding lackluster effort from the men she is with.

5. They Are So Intense

This woman will feel so intensely, and that can be overwhelming for some. But this woman can not turn this off and on at will. And even if she could, it would take an incredible amount of effort.


6. They Find It Hard To Let Their Guard Down

Many female empaths tend to have undergone a few rough relationships, and that can make them guarded both physically and emotionally. So, you have to avoid being pushy and take your time proving your trustworthiness.

7. They Are Very Independent

Some guys think that it's their role to provide for their partners. However, female empaths are usually independent and will often not need any assistance. They are not willing to lose this control over their lives either, which is a problem for many men. Nevertheless, they will easily share their lives with a worthy partner.


8. They Are Problem Solvers

I guess solving problems is not a problem, that is what life is often about. However, people turn to empaths when they need a listening ear in order to let go of their burdens because these people seem grounded and reliable. Although they are sensitive, the emotional turmoil they are presented with by others seems not to be an issue for them.

9. You Can't Hide Anything From Them

A female empath will know you are trying to hide something from her, even though you might think yourself clever doing it. Many guys hide their true selves to be more appealing, but an empath will easily see past that.