9 Incredible Things That Happen When You're Finally Over Your Ex

It's an understatement of the year to express that moving on from an ex-partner, particularly one you loved deeply and invested a significant amount of time and effort in, is difficult. The continuous feeling of being miserable and curious about your ex's activities and whether they have found someone new can exhaust you significantly and transform you into a different person. However, once you successfully move on, several incredible things can occur:

1. You're Not A Complete Emotional Wreck Anymore

Realizing one day that you no longer care is one of the most satisfying experiences. After living for months with painful memories of your ex and a constant feeling of sadness, being able to break free from those negative emotions is incredibly freeing. It's like suddenly being cured, and you couldn't be happier about it.

2. Drinking Wine Is Just For Fun Again

No longer are you spending your evenings drowning your sorrows in wine or venting about your ex during girls' nights. Instead, when you indulge in a bottle of wine, it's because you're ready to have a good time and enjoy yourself, not to dwell on your ex-boyfriend. Let's face it; wasting good wine by crying over a guy is a disservice to the wine.

3. You Become A Normal, Logical Human Again

After a breakup, your thought process is often clouded, and it's evident that you're not your usual self. However, once you move on, that mental fog dissipates quickly, and you start to make more sense to both yourself and those around you.

4. He Could Move To Mars, For All You Care

Whether he starts dating someone new, wins the lottery, gets married, or has ten kids, it no longer matters to you! The realization that nothing he does can dampen your mood or distract you from living your life to the fullest is empowering because now you can refocus on your goals without any hindrance.

5. You Feel Stronger Than Ever

The realization that you have overcome what you once thought was impossible makes you feel like a total badass. Moreover, after moving on from your post-breakup funk, you feel more robust and confident, knowing that you will never settle for anything less than you deserve, and that better things are waiting for you in the future.

6. You Finally Accept That You Really Are Better Off

Experiencing that moment of clarity where you realize that everything happened for the best is incredibly refreshing. Instead of dwelling on what could have been or what went wrong, you find peace in the fact that everything happens for a reason, and perhaps it's for the best.

7. You Stop Obsessively Social Media Stalking

After a breakup, social media stalking used to consume most of your time, but now you couldn't care less about what he's doing. Not only do you refrain from stalking his posts, but you're also contemplating blocking him altogether.

8. You Don't Think About Getting Back Together, Nor Do You Want To

Previously, the idea of a happy reunion with your ex was the only thing keeping you going, but now, it's the furthest thing from your mind. You're so over him that even if he wanted to get back together, you wouldn't even consider it, and reaching this point feels wonderful.

9. It Doesn't Hit You Like A Ton Of Bricks The Second You Wake Up

When you wake up now, you no longer feel sick to your stomach at the mere thought of what happened. Starting your day feeling amazing again is one of the most significant benefits of moving on from your ex. The only thing left to concern yourself with in the mornings is how quickly you can get to your coffee.