9 Important Types Of Friends You Did Not Know You Had And Need

9 Important Types Of Friends You Did Not Know You Had

With the international day of friendship just behind us, it is essential to reflect on the types of friends in our life. Maybe it is easy to focus on the people you interact with every day. However, there are many unique types of friendships so that you may be overlooking some of them even now.

Celebrating those in your life that support and love you is essential. Every type of friend will inspire you differently, but all of them with provide you with the emotional support that we all need. If you focus on your current circle, you might be surprised by the types of friends you currently have.

Remember that people come into our lives for a reason. In some cases, we don't know that reason until many years later. It is always fascinating to look back at the gifts each friend has brought into our lives.

Your friends come in all shapes and sizes. The best thing is that we get to choose how many we have and how often we see them. Do not think that friendships cannot be complicated. Sometimes they don't run smoothly. Still, the beauty is that they are constantly evolving.

There are no rules on the number of friends we can have and how we interact with them. You might be the type to have a few close friends that you see one-on-one. Or you might thrive in a big social group. You can also make up the rules as you go along.

Taking a look at our list of types of friendships will help you reflect on the friends that you have in your life currently. Some you might not even be aware of.

Your Best Friend

9 Important Types Of Friends You Did Not Know You Had

This is the type of friend that is always there. They stay the course. You're both committed to your relationship. You have natural compatibility and share so much history.

Maybe your willingness to stay together could place these types of friends in a soulmate category. It is undoubtedly a friendship that will bring so many gifts. This friendship is rare, and when found, it will stay for a lifetime.


There are a couple of building blocks that long-term friendships require. There is always honesty and willingness to work through challenging times. Don't forget about the mindfulness to be there for your friend when needed.

This is the friendship that calls us forth. While life is full of twists and turns, these friendships could go off the rails if neglected. These friends roll up their sleeves and get to work when there is a bump on the road.

Your Childhood Friend

9 Important Types Of Friends You Did Not Know You Had

A childhood friend is someone that you have known the longest. These types of friends provide comfort to you in knowing that they have endured with you for so long. They will always be there.

With your childhood friend, you can reminisce and rehash or sometimes complain without having to complete hours of backstory. This friend knows you. They have witnessed all you have been through.

Even if you may have grown apart geographically, they are in your bones and always there when you need them. You will always have transparency and a sense of place with this person.

These types of friends are very grounding. When you know each other's histories and each other's families, you have more dimension.

Your Coworker Friend

9 Important Types Of Friends You Did Not Know You Had

Types of friends that we all earn as adults, our coworkers, may just be the thing to help us get through a busy day. This is the friend that you spend more time with than any of your other friends.

Maybe you wouldn't have chosen to be friends with them. But since you are working together, you are glad that you got the chance to meet. You have found that there is a lot of mutual respect between you, and you know that you can trust each other.

This is a friend with which you have a good relationship at work. You make each other laugh to get through the day. Sometimes you even see each other outside of work because you enjoy their company.

Your Spiritual Connection

9 Important Types Of Friends You Did Not Know You Had

We all want to be recognized and understood, so we seek someone to get us on a spiritual level. These types of friends see us without us having to say a word.

In this case, you share a uniquely beautiful spiritual connection. When you have a friend like this, they know you and your deepest thoughts and truths. This friend is a part of your tripe.

Maybe you do not see them every day, but this friend recognizes you as a very high and pure form of love. The connection you share is a feeling that surpasses understanding.

Even if this friend may come in and out of your life, you always know how to pick up right where you left off.

Your Crazy Friend

9 Important Types Of Friends You Did Not Know You Had

Everyone has one! These are the types of friends that make your life so enjoyable. In your group of friends, everyone knows who your crazy friend is.

Still, you love your crazy friend like crazy. These types of friends are more daring, spontaneous, adventurous, and ruthless. Some of us could just dream of being like them.

They can be the influence that inspires you to take risks and live it up on occasion. They remind you that life doesn't have to be such a serious affair.

Your Wise Friend

9 Important Types Of Friends You Did Not Know You Had

When you need advice or direction, this is the friend you go to. These types of friends are the kind of people who have lived a rich and exciting life fully. They might have traveled a lot and experienced adventures you might dream of.

But most of all, they are happy to share their experiences with others. They are typically older than you. This is the kind of friend who knows how to listen. They simply know just the right thing to say at the right time.

The Parental Figure

9 Important Types Of Friends You Did Not Know You Had

A person in your crowd that has no filter whatsoever. They are always truthful and honest with you. Much like your parents, you can always rely on them for support and advice.


With your wise friends, you would come to them when you need someone with a clear head to give you good advice. They are like your real-life oracle. Your spiritual guide is always there to steer you in the right direction.

Your Fun Friend

9 Important Types Of Friends You Did Not Know You Had

The types of friends that call on to have a fun time with. No matter what, fun is what they do. They are there to remind you that life is fun and meant to be lived.

It won't be challenging to realize when you meet this person. They have a contagious lust for life. With broad smiles on their faces, they are always there to introduce you to something new. You can't help but have fun in their presence.

Your fun friends are there to bust you out of your routine. They are there to let you know when to stop feeling down and live it up.

Your Long-distance Friend

9 Important Types Of Friends You Did Not Know You Had

With the internet being a part of our daily lives, everyone has these types of friends. You might even have more friends in a different part of the world than in your hometown.

Back in the old days, these types of friends might have been someone you met at summer camp or on vacation. Perhaps an exchange student or even just a pen pal.

Now, they are likely people that live halfway around the world. They have lived a very different life than you and help you broaden your horizons. They are extremely important to expose you to new ideas and culture.