9 Feelings You Might Mistake For Love That Definitely Aren't

When identifying genuine Louis Vuitton bags, we are often diligent, but when it comes to love, the counterfeit can feel just as genuine as the real thing. Surprisingly, you may believe you are in love currently, but it may be something else entirely. Here are some examples of false love you may be experiencing:

1. Limerence

Limerence is a state of intense infatuation and longing for a person, characterized by an obsessive desire for their affection, even if a long-term relationship with them may not be practical or desired. It is not love, but rather an intense and potentially unhealthy crush.

2. Meta-Lust

Meta-Lust is the desire to be a part of someone else's life because they possess qualities or experiences that you believe will help you improve or fulfill yourself. It is not a sexual emotion, but rather the feeling that being with this person will make you a better version of yourself. It can be a positive experience, as some people report becoming better people after experiencing it, even if the relationship ends. However, it is important to note that Meta-Lust is not love in the traditional sense, but rather a longing for what the person can teach or offer you.

3. Shadow Side Attachment

People may dump good partners for bad ones due to Shadow Side Attachment, which is an emotional reaction to experiencing one's "dark side" and breaking free from societal rules. This attraction is not based on love, but rather an attraction to what the person represents or the ability to let go of inhibitions.

4. IFD Syndrome

IFD Syndrome, also known as Idealization-Frustration-Demolition Syndrome, is a phenomenon where an individual puts their romantic partner on a pedestal and becomes disillusioned when they realize that their partner is not perfect. This can lead to harmful behavior and even abuse. It is not true love because the individual is in love with an idealized version of the person rather than the real person.

5. Spouse Acquirement Syndrome

Spouse Acquirement Syndrome is a phenomenon where an individual, driven by loneliness and a desire for marriage, convinces themselves that they have fallen in love with a partner, even though it is not genuine love. It is a mental manipulation caused by desperation for a spouse.

6. Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction, as depicted in the film of the same name, is a form of false love characterized by obsession, control, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to keep the partner. This type of love is often associated with rage, and violence and is not true love, as it does not align with the qualities of genuine love such as trust, mutual respect, and healthy boundaries.

7. Unresolved Conflict Attraction

This emotion is peculiar as it centers around past experiences with another person, rather than current reality. Unlike genuine love, this emotion is fixated on the past. Additionally, it can lead to irrational behavior towards someone undeserving, or even to extreme measures to rectify an imagined wrong. This emotion is more akin to emotional PTSD than to love.

8. Scam Love

This emotion shares similarities with Spouse Acquirement Syndrome in that the relationship serves a specific purpose, but differs in that it is completely planned and there is no belief of being in love.

9. Nympholepsy

This is a medical term used to describe the intense infatuation felt when fantasizing about someone who is unattainable. This is a common occurrence in certain fan communities and is not to be confused with love, as the object of desire is not within reach.