9 Emotional Changes We Face When A Parent Dies

9 Emotional Changes We Face When A Parent Dies

Nobody can take the place of your parent in your life. You may be all grown up now and yes, staying in touch might be a little erratic. But their passing can shake you to the core.

Once someone passes on, nothing is ever the same. That person is gone forever, and even the slightest memory of them can flood you with sorrow.

While it's true that we are all headed down the same path, that does not change the fact that losing someone close can turn our world upside down.

In particular, few things can be as disorientating as losing a parent. You cannot prepare for it, regardless of how clearly you saw it coming.

There are 9 emotional changes you can expect when a parent is gone from this world. This is usually a monumental loss, and it takes time to find yourself once again.

9 Emotional Changes We Face After Losing a Parent

1. It Waters Down Your Accomplishments

Even though you might have accomplished a lot in life, it will not feel so when your parent passes on. Your support system will have disappeared from your life, and although you are aware you have achieved much, it won't feel like you have.

2. You Will Feel Like Your World Has Come Crashing Down

After losing your parent, you will feel like your world has collapsed. You will feel like you have changed and the world will never be the same for you again. This feeling will stay with you forever.

3. You Will Have Some Regrets

The loss of a parent will cause you to take a deeper look at your past life, particularly the things you did wrong and how you would have done them differently. You will wish you had been there for them more regularly. This emotion can overwhelm you and leave you in tears.

4. Your Life Changes

When a parent passes on, there are things you change about your life. You will have a stronger desire to make them proud of you, and you can't help but wish they were around to notice the effort.

5. Those With Parents Will Make You Jealous

When you see people around you have parents, you will wish you still had yours. You will also find yourself often reminding people how little time they have to enjoy their company.

6. You Feel You Are Missing Something

This feeling will linger long after you have laid them to rest. You will always know that an unfilled void has been created, and it will not be easy living with that feeling.

7. You Feel Abandoned

You will feel alone. More than you have ever felt before. Everyone else will feel distant, and the loneliness can get overwhelming.

8. You Regularly Break Down

Some moments will seem like a chore, such as getting out of bed. Memories of them will often bring tears to your eyes, and it will never feel right that someone so important has left your life for good.

9. The Loss Will Stay With You Forever

Regardless of the time that passes between their passing and now, the feeling of loss will still stay with you. You will learn how to live with the loss, but you will never truly get over it.