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9 Easy Cocktail Recipes To Make At Home During Your Quarantine

9 Easy Cocktail Recipes To Make At Home During Your Quarantine

Easy cocktail recipes are exactly what you need to spice up your quarantine at home. So, if you don't have everything needed for a cocktail, experiment with new tastes with these 9 cocktail recipes.

Ladies, the cocktail night is a must. Being stuck in quarantine, we really miss dance nights with a cocktail. If you are quarantined with your friends, make a cocktail party you'll never forget. Here are some recipes to help you.


Cocktail Recipes With Simple Ingredients

Do not give up if you don't have everything you need for these easy cocktail recipes. Try with what you already have, and come up with new cocktail recipes. Make sure to bring in your optimism and try out new tastes.

Tequila Sunrise Cocktail

Waiting for the sunrise with this trendy and tasty cocktail made of only three ingredients.


Grenadine, 25 ml

Tequila, 50 ml

Orange Juice, 175 ml

Ice cubes

First, mix tequila with orange juice in a shaker or a separate glass. Pour it over the ice and gently add the grenadine. You must admit, it resembles a sunrise!

Gin &Tonic

This excellent mixture is always a safe choice. The classic taste and simple ingredients make a perfect combination.


Dry Gin, 100 ml (or more/less)

Tonic water 100 ml (or more/less)

A lime twist

The simplicity of the cocktail is what makes it a timeless cocktail. Make it stronger or softer, add a squeeze of lime juice for taste and a Vitamin C boost for immunity.

Mojito Cocktail

Mojito is one of the famous cocktails that are easy to make. The basic Mojito allows new tastes to be added.


Soda water

A half lime cut in slices

A Golden rum, 50 ml

A tablespoon of sugar

Several mint leaves

Mash the lime, sugar, and mint leaves in a glass. Add rum and soda water to fill up the glass. Stir it and decorate with mint leaves and slices of lime. It is that simple!

Sex on the Beach Cocktail

This summery cocktail is perfect for imagining yourself on the beach and forgetting about the quarantine.


Vodka, 75ml

Peach Schnapps, 75 ml

Orange juice, 100 ml

Cranberry juice, 200 ml

Mix all the ingredients together in a shaker or stir it up well. Pour it in the glass, topped with ice cubes and enjoy it.


Martini says elegance! Mix it fast, and what else do you need? To enjoy it, sip by sip!

Gin or vodka, 50 ml


Dry Vermouth, 25 ml

An Olive

Add ingredients to a bowl filled with ice and stir it well. Pour it into a glass and drop in the olive. So, the only thing left to do is to say: Martini, dry Martini!

Cocktail Woo Woo

Did you think you couldn't make Woo Woo at home? Everyone can do it and here's how.

Peach schnapps, 25 ml


Vodka, 25 ml

Cranberry Juice, 50 ml

Mix the schnapps and vodka and add the cranberry juice. Pour it over the ice and enjoy the taste!


Do you like the sweet and bitter combination? Margarita brings it into a perfect combo.

Silver tequila, 50 ml

Triple sec, 25 ml

Fresh-squeezed lime, 25 ml


Rub the lime on the glass rim and twist it on the plate with salt. Mix the ingredients in a separate bowl and pour it into the prepared glass filled with ice.

Long Island Cocktail

Long Island has a lot of alcohol in the mixture, and you should be careful not to overdo it.

Light rum, 25 ml

Gin, 25 ml

Vodka, 25 ml


Tequilla, 25 ml

Lime juice, 25 ml


Stir the alcohol together and add the lime juice. Pour it in the glass filled with ice and add coke to the top.