9 Clear Signs That A Guy Has Fallen Madly In Love With You

9 Clear Signs That A Guy Has Fallen Madly In Love With You

Don't you just wish a man would come right out and tell you how he feels towards you? But that doesn't always happen, does it? But it's nothing to worry about.

Most men have a problem communicating their feelings towards the women they love. So, don't think the problem you have understanding your man is unique to you. A lot of women struggle with this problem.

But no, that does not mean you should be comfortable living with a man when you have no idea how he feels about you. If you love a man, you obviously want to know if he loves you as well.


A man might love you, but he might not have the courage to tell it to you. But that does not mean he does not love you. After all, there are many guys who claim to love you and turn out to be lying.

True love is accompanied by actions, and here are 9 very good signs that a guy truly loves you and means it when he says he does.

1. He Supports Your Dreams

When a man does not love you but still wants a relationship with you, he will often be controlling. However, a man who is with you out of love will usually support you as you pursue your dreams and will try to motivate you to achieve them.


2. He Shares With You Things He Never Tells Anyone Else

When a guy lets you in and tells you whatever is going on with him, then he sees something in you he does not see in anyone else.

3. He Laughs More Around You

When you know that the guy is happier around you, know that it's because of love that your presence uplifts his mood.


4. He Makes Compromises on Your Account

When a man loves you, he will bend over backwards just to have you in his life.

5. He Puts Your Happiness Before His Own

When a man doesn't hesitate to put your happiness before his and will stop at nothing to make you happy, then that means he really loves you. Sometimes, the man will even try to make you happy at his own expense.


6. He Talks of The Future

When he talks about the future of the relationship you have, then know that he is interested in having the relationship go the distance. He does not want a fling, which would never require any emotional commitments.

7. He Is Always Interested in Your Life

Some people take an interest in your life when they need something from you. But a man who is in love will be curious about everything going on in your life.


8. He Makes Time for You

Time is a truly precious thing, and it is the one thing you can never get back after spending it on someone. Therefore, if a man is always willing to make time for you, then that is a very powerful sign that he loves you and would go to a lot of trouble to make you happy.

9. He Lets You Meet His Friends and Family

A man who loves you will do all he can to make sure you are part of his life. That is why he will introduce you to his friends and family because they are important to him and he wants you to be a part of his world.