9 Awkward Realities Of Going Stag To A Wedding

It's that time of year again - wedding season has arrived. While many couples may be filled with excitement, us single ladies may not share the sentiment and instead, feel a sense of apprehension. Despite the possibility of single groomsmen, open bars, and stunning attire, attending a wedding alone can be quite challenging. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Happily ever after is being shoved in your face

To be clear, the bride and groom didn't intend to make you feel inferior by inviting you, but unfortunately, you can't help feeling that way. It's disheartening to witness yet another flawless couple find each other while you're left to drink alone. How delightful!

2. Everyone wants to know why you're still single

Why do people require an elaboration? Merely suggesting that you haven't found the right person isn't sufficient. They tend to presume it's your fault and find it appropriate to ask a total stranger, "What's wrong with you?"

3. Guys expect you to throw yourself at them

Is it too much to ask them to stop? It's frustrating to hear about yet another person finding their soulmate while you're still single, but that doesn't mean you're willing to settle for just anyone. Being single doesn't equate to being promiscuous, so could someone kindly inform the men?

4. Even as a guest, weddings are expensive

You aspire to look exceptionally stunning. While appearances aren't everything, it's helpful to boost your physical appearance when you're feeling emotionally low. However, obtaining the perfect dress, makeup, and hairstyle can be costly, especially when living on a single woman's budget. Additionally, you have to factor in purchasing a gift and paying for a cab to get home safely after getting intoxicated.

5, Having to sit alone

You feel like a lone loser, or at least that's the impression you get. It's reminiscent of high school where you had no one to sit with during lunch. You don't have a companion for the ceremony, and during the reception, you're either the odd one out among a group of strangers or seated with other pitiful single people. By the end of the evening, you're glued to your seat and eagerly anticipating an acceptable time to leave.

6. Everyone else knows each other

When attending a wedding alone, it seems as though you're the only single person in attendance. Everyone else appears to be acquainted, and you feel incredibly excluded. They dance in clusters while you sit by yourself, paralyzed by social anxiety. It's reminiscent of seventh grade, but you're still hopeful that someone will approach and converse with you.

7. You feel like you reek of desperation, no matter what you do

The perception that being a depressed single girl makes you promiscuous isn't the only issue, it's the isolation. You're entirely by yourself in the chapel, at your table, the bar, and on the dance floor. It seems like everyone is sympathetic towards the girl who couldn't find a date. You may be overthinking everything, but it doesn't diminish the loneliness you feel.

8. There's a total double standard

When a woman attends a wedding alone, people tend to pity the forever-alone girl. Conversely, when a man goes stag, he's seen as the independent bachelor type. Why is it that only single women evoke sympathy, as if a woman's life is determined by her relationship status? You understand that this is untrue, but you're also aware that to others, you appear pitiful while he's lauded for being "the man."

9. You really need a drink

Amidst all the triggers that emphasize your single status and the prying guests interrogating you about why you're not in a relationship, a lady needs a drink... or seven. You hope for an open bar because while this wedding might be a heavyweight on your forlorn spirit, it shouldn't be a burden on your budget as well. As much as you'd enjoy getting intoxicated, you don't want to be the inebriated and unseemly woman. Therefore, you walk the tightrope between sobriety and complete drunkenness, yearning to be the latter.