Through the atrocities they committed, the Nazis sent us far beyond the caveman days with their deplorable heartlessness and gruesome depravity.

Inconceivable cruelty happened as the world watched helplessly at a time when chaos was the new order of things.

A clear example of this is the sickening, gut-wrenching and sadistic murder of 82 children in a Nazi extermination camp in Czechoslovakia.

The World Has Never Forgotten What Happened, And Neither Should It.

In this particular massacre, 42 innocent girls and 40 boys lost their lives in the most senseless and cruel way possible. But at the time, that was considered a “typical” Nazi operation.

To be honest, there were numerous horrors going on at the time. For starters, the entire war sent between 50 and 85 million people to an early grave.

Many suffered, including the soldiers that took part in the war. Only the big and might benefited, and at an incredible cost to the rest of the humanity.

Lidice village in Czechoslovakia paid a special price in that the Nazis saw it fit to completely wipe out its entire population, including the children.

Without a doubt, such grotesque and unforgettable flaws in human decision messed up our history for good. And an artist wished to embed the realities of what transpired through an expressive artistic marvel in the Czech Republic commemorating the poor kids.

The Kids Were Gassed At Chelmmo.

Chelmmo was one of the extermination camps owned by the Nazis.

After the horrifying feat of exterminating nearly all the inhabitants of Lidice village, only the children sent to concentration camps remained.

The men and the women were out of the way by then.

And then Reinhard Heydrich, a Nazi official, was assassinated. Hitler reacted by ordering mass killings in Czechoslovakia in any village that had offered refuge to the assassins.

Lidice became a more prominent target in this revenge mission since it had a family with a son serving in the Czech army in England.

First Of All, All The 173 Men From The Village Were Killed.

The remaining 184 women and 88 women were taken to a concentration camp, and 6 kids were picked for Germanization, the rest were taken to Chelmmo for gassing.

Doubtlessly, this event in World War II history moved many, which is why Marie Uchytilova-Kucova, a Czech sculptor, dedicated two decades of her life to creating statues of the 82 kids.

She finished the statues in plaster, and she managed to finish three of the statues in bronze before she ran out of funds. However, she died and left the project unfinished.

The husband then took over the project, and the work continued until there are now 42 girls and 40 boys overlooking the valley as a riveting monument of what happened to the children in Lidice.

The thought that these beautiful innocent souls died such a senseless and painful death is proof of how far we have come, and how far we have to go to avoid a repeat of the saddening events that took place during the Second World War.