80s Makeup Trends That Need To Make A Comeback

The 80s is not as prevalent in current fashion as the 90s or Y2K era, but there are many trends from that decade that are worth revisiting. Here are some 80s makeup trends that are worth incorporating into your current routine:

1. Pink Lips

Many lip color trends are popular today, such as deep reds, nudes, metallics, and browns. In the 1980s, pink lipstick was all the rage, particularly fuchsia, a bright raspberry color. While it may not be as common as a classic red, pink lipstick is making a comeback and is predicted to be one of the top makeup trends of 2022, according to makeup expert Lisa Eldridge.

2. Bright Colors

In the 1980s, bright and vibrant colors were popular in makeup, such as yellow, blue, purple, and green. Multi-colored neon eyeshadow was a popular look of the era, and it has recently gained popularity on TikTok. Bold lips, bright mascara, and frosty pink cheeks were also common during this decade of bold beauty choices.

3. Heavy Eyeliner

Eyeliner in the 80s was bold and dramatic, similar to the performers of the era such as Madonna, Grace Jones, Cyndi Lauper, and Cher. It was a defining feature of the grunge era, with a playful twist. Neon eyeliner was prevalent, often paired with vibrant mascara colors. To replicate the 80s trend, focus on the eyes as the main feature.

4. Bold Eyebrows

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Bold and thick eyebrows were a statement of power and excess during the 80s, when women were becoming more prominent in the workforce. This trend has continued to be popular throughout the decades, from Brooke Shields in the 80s to Cara Delevingne in the 2010s. The appeal of bold brows seems to be enduring and it's a trend that has not been affected by the volatility of the beauty industry. If you want to embrace a timeless look, going for bold eyebrows is a solid choice.

5. Blue Eyeshadow

Frosty blue eyeshadow may not be considered conventional or safe, but during the 80s, it was a popular trend. It was a more subdued alternative to the high-contrast eyeshadow colors of the time and was worn by both businesswomen and music video stars. Today, the trend has evolved to a more modern and edgy look. While the 80s trend is still appreciated, it may not be suitable for daily wear for everyone unless you can pull off the bold look and match it with the right personality.

6. Draping

Contouring may be associated with 21st-century reality TV stars, but it originated in the 80s. Way Bandy, a prominent makeup artist of the time and the creator of the looks of stars like Madonna and Diana Ross, developed a technique called "draping" that was popular in the era. Unlike contouring, draping is a softer and more natural look that follows the bone structure of the wearer. It uses two shades of blush and blends into the face instead of creating harsh lines, giving a natural and wholesome appearance. With contouring falling out of favor since 2016, draping could be the next trend in cheek makeup.

7. Pink Blush

The 80s was a decade that favored bright and vibrant pink shades, as seen in the popular fuchsia lip trend. The bubblegum color was a balance between the natural rosy glow of John Hughes' movie heroines and the playful and hedonistic female superstars of the era. Pink blush was a favorite among makeup icons from different areas of pop culture, from Princess Diana and Molly Ringwald to Madonna and Debbie Harry.

8. Colorful Mascara

In the 80s, colorful mascara was a popular trend, satisfying the decade's desire for bold colors. With various options to choose from, colorful mascara is versatile and can be used to enhance different looks. You can pair blue or purple mascara with a minimal palette for a pop of color, layer pink or green on top of black mascara for a subtle drama, or create a bold look by pairing bright mascara with neon eyeshadow and eyeliner.

9. Bronzed Goddess

Aerobics videos were a popular cultural movement in the 80s, with fitness and wellness gaining popularity. The focus on athletics was reflected in the makeup world, with the sun-kissed dewy glow look being popular. This was achieved with the help of tanning beds and makeup such as nude lipstick, gold-toned eyeshadow, and copper-hued bronzer. The bronzed goddess look was a popular trend of the decade.

10. Nude Lips

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Despite the popularity of pink lipstick, nude makeup was also a trend in the 80s. The focus on health and wellness prompted a desire for a youthful and natural appearance, making nude tones a popular choice. However, the 80s interpretation of "natural" included pairing the nude look with pastel blush and high perms, giving it a unique and striking appearance.

11. Disco Makeup

Although the era of disco music has passed, its makeup trends are still popular today. Disco makeup is characterized by its use of bright colors, glitter, thick eyelashes, and an overall fun and playful look. It's a trend that can help boost your confidence and make you fall in love with your makeup.