8 Ways To Spot Fake Friends And Continue Growing Genuine Friendships

8 Ways To Spot Fake Friends And Continue Growing Genuine Friendships

Fake friends can cause more damage than a mortal enemy. Recognize them, remove them from your life, and never take real friends for granted.

Some of the best friends you ever had won't stay in your life forever. Similarly, you might keep your fake friends for ages before finding out that your whole relationship was a lie.

Below are some of the essential differences between false and real friends. Remember, people who are pretending to be friends are toxic and harmful to your mental health. They're playing the part, while you're giving them your true self.

1. Support

A real friend is the one who supports you. The toxic ones will provide their support only if they are getting something out of it.

Real friends will encourage and challenge you, while the rest will go as far as making fun of your ideas to expand your knowledge.

2. Investment

Proper friendships are long term investments.

You are giving someone your time and attention, so if that person is taking advantage of you, it's a waste of energy.

A genuine buddy may not be your best friend for life, but at least, at some point in your life, that person will be your ride or die. The authentic friends don't care if they spent the whole day debating over something insignificant if they know it means a lot to you.

3. Unconditional love

Fake friends will want to change you into something that will serve their purpose.

Real friends will accept you, call you out when necessary, and won't be afraid of arguing with you when you're doing something harmful to yourself.

4. Forgiveness

Similarly, real friends will forgive and forget in a heartbeat. And you will do the same because your friendship is built on a solid foundation.

No amount of bad days can ruin a healthy relationship. And no amount of great experiences can turn your faux into a proper friend.

5. Keeping secrets

Telling someone something private and intimate is a way to deepen your connection. Naturally, you trust that person, your confidant, but that's not always a good idea.

Fake friendships don't share trust. Your secrets aren't safe, and we learn that the hard way.

6. A shoulder to cry on

Knowing that you're not alone, even when the whole world seems to be falling apart, is a luxury, and your BFF will provide that feeling.

The toxic ones will laugh, make fun of your misery, and even call you names. There's no support, no sense of compassion because they are in your life to gain something.

7. No competition

When you're with friends, there is a sense of belonging, like it's your group against the world.

With toxic friends, things are different. They are always competing, and sometimes it's just annoying, but it can be harmful and hurtful.

From guys and dresses to career and life goals, nothing is worse than having someone continually comparing, making notes, and making you feel like you're less.

8. Honesty

Though it may seem harsh, a genuine friend will be bluntly honest, if needed.

It's not because your friend wants to harm you, but because there's no need to hold back when you feel that close.

But, a faux one will only say what they think you want to hear. Once you realize you dedicated your time to someone with bad intentions, dishonesty will hurt as does any betrayal.