8 Ways Texting Makes Dating Confusing AF

Nowadays, relationships can be determined by text messages. Despite relying on technology to bring us closer, it may actually be responsible for creating a communication gap. The use of phones in dating can be confusing, leaving us unsure of how to interpret each other's intentions.

1. You Can Never Tell Tone

It's difficult to understand someone's tone through a text message, which can lead to misinterpretation. A message that seemed like a joke could actually be an expression of anger. Texting without the right emoji can be misleading and cause unnecessary confusion and concern.

2. You're Always Waiting On A Reply

When a response isn't received immediately, it's easy to become upset. It's common to assume that a partner is always just a text message away and that messages will be answered promptly. In the past, plans could be made with a single phone call, but now we are left waiting for a timely reply.

3. You Expect Constant Communication

The lack of an immediate response can lead to frustration and worry, as it's easy to stay in constant contact with technology. There are no valid excuses for a delayed response, which can leave one feeling helpless and anxious.

4. He's Always Just A Drunk Text Away

Texting under the influence of alcohol is a curse rather than a blessing. When you're drunk, you tend to reveal the truth about your emotions, which can make your relationship even more complicated. While you may send one or several texts, the content of those messages may be too much to handle.

5. Your Texting Defines Your Availability

Responding to a text message too quickly can appear as if you're desperate, while a delay in response may indicate a lack of interest. Texting can be seen as an avenue to express interest, but it can also blur the lines between expressing interest and setting boundaries.

6. It Means Something Different To Everyone

Don't assume that a man who chooses to text rather than call is not interested in you. It is important to remember that not everyone shares the same perspective. It is necessary to decode the message behind the text to determine whether there is a lack of interest or simply a lack of time.

7. It's Not Face To Face, Just A Lot Of Space

In conclusion, texting is an impersonal way of communication, and this can pose a significant problem in relationships. Overreliance on texting can cause you to forget how to interact with people in person. If texting becomes the only means of communication, the relationship becomes devoid of substance.

8. You Become Too Dependent On It

While texting can be useful for making simple plans, it should not replace a face-to-face conversation. It is difficult to express oneself accurately or clarify meaning through text messages. In-person communication should be reserved for discussing significant matters, rather than relying solely on texting, which is easy to use in the heat of the moment.