8 Tips For Freshmen Students Abroad In 2021

8 Tips For Freshmen Students Abroad In 2021

Studying abroad is such an exciting and challenging adventure for students, especially freshmen. Not only are you starting a whole new chapter of your life, but you're doing it away from family and friends in a country you don't know. And, while it may sound scary, it's the perfect opportunity to explore, develop, and enrich your life on so many levels.

Still, you need to be prepared for a life outside your comfort zone. That's why we've prepared a list of 8 essential tips for freshmen students abroad in 2021.

Buy a Plane Ticket

Plane tickets can be quite expensive, especially if you're buying them last minute. So, don't wait until it's almost time to leave home to start searching for a plane ticket.

Instead, use this strategy:

start searching a couple of months in advance

look for tickets through different airlines

regularly check for price updates and special deals

Buy your plane ticket after some research and save the extra money.

Learn Some Language

Another thing you should do before you start studying abroad is learning at least some local language. Even if your classes are in English, you still need to learn how to get around.

So, learn the basics of the new language:



asking for direction, prices, or time

introducing yourself

You can add to this later on and learn the language more actively once you get there.

Know the Customs

When you're in a foreign country, it would be best to know what is typical for the locals and how to fit in. You can do some online research to learn about their:





This will help you settle in quickly and accept the new lifestyle you'll be leading as well.

Check Out the Curriculum

Since the moving and socializing part will be demanding and tiring for you, you should also prepare for your curriculum in advance.

Even before your classes begin, check out your curriculum to see what you will be learning. Do some research and reading to prepare.

Freshen up the skills you'll need, such as oral presenting, critical thinking, or academic writing. For instance, you can read free essay samples or use them as writing practice. Just make sure you're fully prepared.

Find a Club

To find new friends quickly and avoid being alone or isolated, you should join a club.

See what clubs are available at your college or campus, and sign up as soon as you arrive. This will instantly expand the circle of people you know and make your freshmen year much more enjoyable.

Explore the Surroundings

When you start living abroad, you'll have a ton of new opportunities you never had back home. A new city means new places to see, visit, and explore.

Walk around your neighborhood, ride a bike, or take bus rides all over the city to learn as much as possible about it.

Get Health Insurance

Make sure you've got your health insurance covered when you're a foreign student. The costs of medical treatments can go over the moon if you don't have them. So, find the best option even before you arrive at your new school.

Study Hard

Finally, remember why you're there. Work hard on getting good grades and being a responsible student.

Use all the help you can find- fellow students, professors, or tutors. You can look for additional study materials online or get help from services such as Writing Universe to learn how to write better papers. Study hard and focus on your academic goals.

Final Thoughts

Foreign students abroad will face many challenges. From adapting to a new country and using a new language to fitting in the new school, it can all be a bit intimidating.

But, you can do it with the right mindset and a bit of help from our 8 tips guide. Use it to have the best freshmen year abroad.