8 Things The Guy Who Is Going To Date My Sister Needs To Know

8 Things The Guy Who Is Going To Date My Sister Needs To Know

Just so we are clear from the get-go, my sister is the only sibling I have and I will go the extra mile to keep her entirely happy. I mean, we have been through so much together, from the constant arguments about every little thing when we were kids, to the rare and charming moments when we finally agreed on the same thing. She is not only my blood, but our lives have also been intertwined since the beginning of time, and it will remain that way for eternity. My sister means everything to me; I mean every single thing, and I can't help thinking of the day any guy would dare to ask her out.

Although that thought is scary, I know that at some point, the time will come when I have to let her go. And allow her to be with someone that can and will do everything in his power to make her happy and keep it like that. In truth, I don't think anyone is qualified for that role, but for her sake, I am willing to let someone try.

And that's why we are here today, as I have put together a comprehensive, very long list of Do's and Don'ts; which every potential guy, boyfriend, fiancé, or husband needs to understand. If you are interested, just know that perfection is the aim, I am only looking for someone deserving of my precious jewel. Don't worry, if you are genuine and genuinely love my sister, this list will be more of guidance instead of discouragement.

1. Be very romantic


My sister is a helpless romantic, and when she loves a guy, she will do everything in her power to show it. So it is only fair that you are very romantic in return because I don't ever want to see her cry. You should be ready to show her how much you love her, both in words and actions, and be romantically spontaneous. As you can see, it is not much.

2. Never show up at the house empty-handed

Okay, I need you to listen carefully to what I am about to write down, and please, this is not a joke. If you are not holding at least a box of chocolate, or a bakery box with jam-filled doughnuts, by the time you hear my voice asking who it is, you better carry your broke unromantic self back to where you came from. You definitely won't be able to take care of my sister anyway.

3. If you are a loser, beat it


All I am asking for here is someone who is hardworking and has some solid plans for the future. My sister is not only a precious jewel to me, but she also is beautiful, smart, and elegant by right, and there is no way in hell I will allow her to waste her time with losers.

4. You can't be intimidated

Forget all that cock and bull stories you have heard about women being fragile and needs "a knight in shining armor" to come to her rescue. My lovely sister is anything but that and can defend herself when the need arises. That doesn't mean you shouldn't stand up for her in public, it only says, if you are intimidated by strong women, then don't even bother.


5. You must love playing board games

If you don't know how to play board games, that's cool, at least you will always lose to her. But you need to be genuinely interested and willing to learn, because my sister loves board games, and most importantly wants her guy to love it too.

6. It's a must that you are encouraging

My sister is the most significant philanthropist I know; she has such a huge heart and will do almost anything to help people in need. I want someone who will encourage her to pursue this passion, for she deserves such a person.


7. Never plan to sleepover in our house

This is absolutely unacceptable, and I will not stand for such behavior. Plus I am damn sure our house is not a summer camp and doesn't look like one. I don't ever want to wake up at 3 am and see something I won't be able to forget.

8. She is a princess and is to be treated as one

This is the last of the eight things you need to know before dating my sister and it is one of the most important. There won't be any compromise on this, my sister is my princess, and if you want to date her, you have to make her your princess by treating her like one.

Thanks for reading and if you think you stand any chance at all, then please don't hesitate to give it your best shot.