8 Things That Girls Should Never Tolerate From Men In Relationships (Because It's Not "Normal" Behavior)

8 Things That Girls Should Never Tolerate From Men In Relationships (because It’s Not “normal” Behavior)

Sometimes in relationships, you have to let it be known what your limits are. Being in love does not mean a guy can walk all over you. Relationships always have some room for improvement and some space for both parties to contribute to each other's wellbeing.

That is why you should let your guy know that you are not okay with the way he is treating you if he is not treating you right. So, although you can put up with some of his innocent quirks, you should not give him a pass on some things, such as the following.

1. Having your feelings taken lightly

Your feelings matter, and you should not have them invalidated if at all you are in a healthy relationship. The guy should care about your feelings and should never pretend that your words or your opinions don't have a place in the relationship. Therefore, the guy should be able to hear you out.

2. Flirting with other girls in your presence

Your man should not flirt with other girls in front of you once you are committed to each other. This is not something you should tolerate and the right guy would have no business flirting with other girls once you are together.

3. Physical and emotional domination

In many relationships, men dominate. Therefore, you have to be careful not to do things you don't want to out of the pressure the man is putting on you. If you give in to emotional and physical domination in your relationship, you can suffer a lot of harm. Therefore, let your man know that he should be gentle with you emotionally and physically.

4. Force you to live in a certain way

A man should never strive to get full control of your life to the point of telling you how to live your life. You are still an individual and you should have the freedom to make your own choices. So, you should not step back and have him make all the decisions, especially when they have a drastic impact on how your life will turn out.

5. Insulting you

A guy should never insult you; it does not matter if he is doing it to your face or behind your back. Any words that are insulting to you should never be tolerated. There should be respect between the two of you regardless of what transpires between you.

6. Doing sexual favors

Your partner should not make you do sexual favors for him in exchange for anything. So, if you are not feeling up to it, he should not impose on you.

7. Joking at your expense in public

Sure, every relationship needs some sense of humor. You should always have a reason to laugh around with your partner. But when your partner makes fun of you in public and offends you in the process, then that is not right.

8. Depending on you emotionally and physically

There is nothing wrong with being there for your man. In relationships, you have to be there for each other. That said, there should be limits since you should not have a man who always comes to you when they need some financial or emotional support. Having a man who relies on you for everything can be very draining, especially when he is an emotional wreck who cannot handle the smallest of crises unaided.