8 Things A Good Guy Will Do For You That A Narcissist Never Could

8 Things A Good Guy Will Do For You That A Narcissist Never Could

Ever been in a relationship with a narcissist? If yes, then you know better than anyone how bad things can get. Men (and women) with this personality flaw will lie, manipulate, destroy you, and do other horrible things to you.

But once you meet a good guy after this, your whole life will change. And here are 8 great signs that you have a good guy in your life because no narcissist would ever do these things.


1. He'll Let You In

A good guy is not afraid to be vulnerable to the person he loves. That is why he will open up to you and be honest with you. A good guy will not leave you guessing when terrible things happen in his life.

2. He Respects You

Narcissists treat their partners like garbage because they get off hurting and humiliating people. Regular jerks do it as well. But a good man would never disrespect you and will always treat you right.


3. He Will Be Supportive

A man who is truly great for you will support you in every way he can. His desire is to see you happy no matter what. Therefore, your dreams and ambitions will be his own, and he will go to any lengths to ensure that you achieve them.

4. He Will Respect Your Boundaries

There are many people who will always overstep their boundaries. Narcissists do this on purpose to dominate you. But for the right guy, this will never happen as he wants you to enjoy some personal space.


5. He Will Motivate You

A narcissist would never miss out on a chance to put you down because that is how he can feel superior to you considering how damaged and broken he is. But a good guy wants more than anything for you to be confident in your abilities.

6. He Will Try To Make You Trust Him

A good guy will never want you to distrust him in any way. Therefore, he will not sneak around and cheat on you. He tries to be honest and genuine about everything.


7. He Listens

You will know that you have found a good guy when you have a man who does not tire of hearing you out. This guy will not try to change the subject and wants you to know that your thoughts and opinions matter. A narcissist either wants to hear about himself or talk about himself, he would never care about your feelings or opinions.


8. He'll Apologize

Narcissists are never wrong, as far as they are concerned. So, they can never apologize for any bad thing they do. Even when they do, it is because they feel pushed to a corner and that is the only way out for them. But a good guy will always apologize when he knows you would appreciate an apology, even when he is not wrong.


After being with a narcissist, finding the courage or the motivation to be in a relationship once more can be tough. The last thing you want is the same horrible treatment. But after getting a good man, you will get all the joy a good relationship has to offer you.