8 Sure Signs He Has A Side Chick

8 Sure Signs He Has A Side Chick

'Side chick'; is it a downgrade or an upgrade for men? And is she really there for the thrill, or does she also gets caught up in main chick plays? Blah blah, he can't stop seeing her. On the other side, she promises to keep her mouth shut and respect texting and calling hours.

By the look of things, your soulmate swears you are the only one and no signs of a backup plan. However, your instincts tell you otherwise. Here are 8 signs to ascertain if he has a side chick in his life:

Constant Blames

8 sure signs he has a side chick

A man who cheats will make you feel like you are the one under review. The last thing on his wish-list is for you to keep on questioning his moves. So, he will employ several tactics that will divert his blunders unto you.

Alternatively, if he's looking for a side chick, he will stop prioritizing your needs. Instead of passing on great affection, the terms ''I am with friends', 'my battery died' or 'traffic jam' will be his fundamental tools. Not to mention, the dating site has become an in-thing for him.

Single Life Rocks

8 sure signs he has a side chick

If he is constantly pulling away and afraid of settling down, his excuse is none other than having a friend or friends with benefit.' Sadly, you are one of them, and a serious commitment seems to be a thing of the past.


Still, want to find out if he has a side chick? The fact is, your soulmate is not ready to commit. Even if he had previously made your relationship official but became cold and detached, include this in your red flags checklist.

Your Instinct

8 sure signs he has a side chick

Sometimes you can go wrong with what your mind tells you, but your gut feeling is second to none. Surprisingly, your intuition has power over your mind. It recognizes things beforehand.

If you are reading this, it's crystal clear that you feel something out of the ordinary. Having said that, try not to rush things. Instead, confirm and validate that he really has a side chick. It is not so hard to find out, most women or more so, all women are good at this. In fact, they are DCI copybooks.

Prince Charming

8 sure signs he has a side chick

One of the subtle signs that your guy has a side chick is having constant mood swings, unlike before. Either way, he will try to cover it up with endless gifts and romantic gestures, which are out of character for him.

This is a sure sign that he is guilt-ridden. At this point, accept what he has to offer as compensation.

If he has drastically changed, it is high time you take action into your hands. Now would be the right time to have 'the talk.'


Gadget Lockdown

8 sure signs he has a side chick

An honest man will never hesitate to give you access to his social media accounts and his cell phone.

But the moment he takes his phone with him to the toilet or taking out the garbage, something is amiss. Certainly, this is not a healthy relationship.

There are obvious reasons why your man could be spending extra time on his phone. For instance, a work that needs some clarification, or his mother just got a new social app and needs constant help.

These are normal things that he won't hide but keep you in the know. However, talking in private or distancing yourself is something you should be curious about.

Pay attention if he takes time to respond to your messages or calls when away. If he spends the entire time on his phone, he can pick up your call or send a text.

Cat and Mouse Game

8 sure signs he has a side chick

There is only one way to know if you are being played. The great news is that you are getting along and almost ending a year together.

Sad to say, you haven't been introduced to his friends or family. If you met one or two by accident, the conversation sounds simple; no intros and a wave is just fine for him.

This is a clear indication that he is not that interested in you knowing his allies.

Sticking around is the last thing you should be thinking of.

Busy Champ

8 sure signs he has a side chick

Being busy for someone you love sounds fishy; if he adores you, he will prioritize what he holds dearly to his heart. Even if he has multiple enterprises to rule, the truth is that he will set enough room for you.

The saddest part comes when he vows to take you out on a date without him showing up. How about the missed weekends, holidays, and trips? Things aren't adding up.

Could he have a side chick? You ask. First, ask yourself why he is not saving time to spend with you.

Love In Closed Doors

8 sure signs he has a side chick

I know you have patiently waited for him to fondly hold your hand in public. Not all men like to do this, but if you feel like he is doing it on purpose, something is off the mark.

He might cower in fear if his side chick passing by and sees the two of you together as a couple. Sadly, a related scene happens when you are out for a date.

If he does show affection towards you in private, then, why does he always shake like a leaf in public?


Truth is: the worry and anxiety you have right now will ease once you find out if your partner is actually cheating or not.

Even when trying to heal a broken heart and so eager to take the next step, it's down to you to act normal until you have enough proof to back your argument.

Without evidence, your loyal man will deny the accusations, and there is no turning back for him. The magic formula is to be patient.

If you are always wondering where you stand in this relationship, probably it's time to rank slightly higher: start to move forward.

Wait a minute! Has he ever stopped talking in the middle of a conversation when you entered the room? Could it be a booty call? It's a no-brainer. It's time to figure out if he's cheating.