8 Subtle Signs You're Hotter Than You Think

8 Subtle Signs You’re Hotter Than You Think

Are you a hot girl? You probably have no idea how to answer that question. After all, it's not like you walk around thinking that you're God's gift to humanity and the truth is that sometimes you don't have a clue what makes certain people attracted to you.

It's a given that we all go through stages in life that we have low self-esteem and our confidence isn't up to scratch. While we often think about our appearance, we don't think about the full meaning of what hotness means, and what exactly makes us beautiful to potential partners. Looking like a supermodel on the cover of a magazine is not it! The key to true happiness is not to look like Barbie, it is what's inside that counts. If you feel good in your skin, it shines through to the outside world.

You can spend all the time in the world fixing your hair or applying your make-up for a night out, but if your self-esteem is low, you'll still have a shitty time with feelings of not being "hot" enough. To be truly satisfied and happy about how you look, begins from the inside. The fact is, there are no "ugly" people in the world. Every one of us is beautiful in our own unique way.

If you are going through the phase of low self-esteem about your appearance and need a little boost, here are some subtle signs you might have missed that can tell you if you're hotter than you think.

1. When You Enter The Room People Look Up

If you're hot and enter a room full of people you may notice people looking up at you. It's natural for people to look at something of beauty, so it's no strange thing if they stare when you enter a room.

When you walk into a cafe and paranoia kicks in because everyone is staring at you, you might think that maybe something is not right with your clothes or your makeup, but the truth is that everything is fine. People can't take their eyes off you.

2. You Are Confident

Confidence is super hot; whether you believe that or not, you may not have realized that yet. This is something that needs to be said over and over; there is nothing sexier than a confident girl. You're naturally confident, but it's not something you think about a lot or, are even aware of. You don't constantly wear a ton of makeup, or feel obsessed over what other people think. You are just happy in your own skin, and that's super hot in itself. Feeling good in your own skin shines through everything.

3. You Have A Great Sense Of Humor

You have a great sense of humor. When you are at a party, everybody is in a good mood because you can create a good atmosphere. Though the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, a sense of humor is just as important. If you're a genuine, funny girl, it's contagious, and boys will be drawn to you from all over. You probably are unaware of how attractive this makes you, but when you think about it, would you rather date someone who is positive and upbeat or a negative person who finds fault with everything.

4. Women (and Men) Don't Compliment You Often

The harsh truth is that some women can be jealous of you and they don't want to give you any more reason to feel good as you make them uncomfortable (That's their issue, not yours). Others assume you know that you're hot so they don't feel the need to compliment you further. It's that simple. Unfortunately, this can make you think you're not hot!

5. You Like To Try New Things

It's not hot when you're a scaredy-cat who freaks out all the time over the smallest sign of change or the slightest suggestion that you should do something different. When you're up for trying new experiences and just giving things a go, it makes you more attractive. Instant hotness! You probably find that quality attractive in a guy, right? So you can see how it works both ways.

6. You Are Independent

Independent women are the hottest ones out there. Even if you have the dreamiest looks ever, not being able to pay your way makes you appear weak and dependent, and there is nothing attractive about that! A damsel in distress who needs a man to do everything and anything isn't an alluring quality in today's modern society.

7. You Don't Try Too Hard

The hottest women that you know probably barely even wear makeup, right? And they don't dish out huge amounts of dough for fancy clothes. You don't believe that you have to dress like a rich celebrity or buy a new lipstick every week for people to take notice of you. This been said, it doesn't mean that you put zero effort into your appearance, it just means that other things in life are more important than having perfectly plucked eyebrows, freshly applied make-up, and the latest designer clothes.

8. You Ignore Things That Don't Matter

You don't sweat the small stuff; you're relaxed enough to look at the positive aspect of things. Losing your mind over a broken nail doesn't feature for you, this, believe it or not, is very attractive to men. Guys don't like girls that freak out over the unimportant, trivial stuff. It's far more attractive if you are more relaxed and go with the flow without having tantrums over silly meaningless things.