8 Stretches You Can Do Every Morning To Feel Flexible, Strong And Grounded

8 Stretches You Can Do Every Morning To Feel Flexible, Strong And Grounded

Do you ever have a really satisfying stretch that makes you feel instantly better? Well, imagine having that feeling every morning. Here are eight great stretching exercises you can do every morning to feel flexible, strong, and grounded.

Stretching is important. It makes us feel better, and it's a great way to start the day.

With so many of us now working from home, now is the perfect opportunity to get stretching!

Less Sluggish Sleep

A long night of sleeping in one position can make the body feel tense. On the other hand, spending all night tossing and turning does nothing for our inner peace. After a long night, it feels so good to bend our bodies first thing.

Since stretching feels so darn great, we can incorporate some easy stretches into our morning routine. With these simple stretching exercises, you'll soon be feeling more flexible, strong, and grounded.

Personal trainer Jennifer Warthann says that 'Just a few minutes of stretching increases blood flow through your entire body — including your brain. It wakes you up and helps you feel less sluggish.'

Health Benefits

There are loads of health benefits from a simple morning stretch.

Waking up and moving your body means you'll instantly feel less sluggish and be more ready to face the day.

A morning stretch helps your circulation, which has all sorts of health benefits of its own. Better circulation helps nutrients get to your muscle tissue, and helps you perform your daily activities.

These simple morning stretches are also good for your posture. Most of us spend hours in front of a computer or craning our necks over our phones. Incorporating these stretches into your daily routine will lead to increased flexibility and a better range of motion.

Emotional Tension

As well as crooked backs and necks, long days in front of a screen can lead to body pain. These easy morning stretches help to relieve pain and tension, so you can relax with a pain-free body.

Likewise, lots of us hold emotional tension in our necks, backs, and legs. Stretching these parts out every day can stop this emotional and physical tension, leaving us more flexible, grounded, and strong.

Work Stress

Lots of us feel stressed at work, and we feel this in our bodies. 80% of Americans feel stressed at work, and this is made worse by poor posture.

Doing these easy morning stretches means you won't pull muscles later in the day. The simple stretches relieve tension, so we aren't carrying it around with us all day long.

Starting our day with these simple stretches calms the body, and can even strengthen muscles.

Let's take a look at the 8 Stretches You Can Do Every Morning To Feel Flexible, Strong And Grounded.

Cat & Cow

Place knees and hands on the ground, with palms placed underneath shoulders and knees under hips.

While inhaling, arch the back up like a cat stretching and tuck in your abs.

While exhaling, return to the initial position and then bend the upper part of the spine. Support your spine with your abs.

During this stretch, think of your neck as a long extension of the spine. Don't let it fall back!

Return to starting position, and repeat 5 times.

Standing Forward Bend

Stand with your knees slightly bent, and with your feet in line with your hips.

Bend forward at the hips so your body hands over your legs.

Grab your elbows and hold for 4 breaths.

Slowly come up by pulling in the abs and rolling each vertebra up one at a time.

Repeat twice.

Standing Hamstring Stretch

Put your left heel on a chair that's lower than your hip.

Flex your foot.

Bend forward towards it for a deeper stretch.

Hold for 30 seconds.

Elevated Pigeon Stretch

Put your left leg on the bed with your knee bent.

Keep hips square and place the front knee outside of the front shoulder.

Bend forward, keeping the spine straight.

Place hands on bed.

Hold for 5 deep breaths.

Repeat for the other leg.

Door Stretch

Put your arms on the doorframe, with your upper arms parallel to the ground and your forearms lined up with the doorframe.

While your arms are still lined up, take a step through the threshold.

Bend your front knee to feel the stretch in your shoulders.

Hold for 30 seconds.

Repeat for the other leg.

Straight Leg Calf Stretch

Stand up and face a wall.

Place your arms straight in front of you, with your hands flat against a wall.

Put your right leg forward with your foot flat on the ground.

Stretch your left leg behind you with the heel flat on the floor.

Lean into the wall and hold for 30 seconds.

Switch and repeat on the other side.

Repeat twice for each leg.

Clasped Hand Chest Stretch

Hold your hands behind your back.

Lift your arms up behind you while bending forward at the waist.

Hang your head and raise your arms up overhead.

Try to touch your palms together.

Hold for 30 seconds.

Repeat 3 times.

Standing Side Stretch

Clasp your hands and stretch your pointer fingers.

Hold them above your head.

Reach forward and breathe in.

Breathe out as you bend your body to the right.

Inhale slowly 5 times.

Return to center.

Repeat on the left side.

So that's it! With those super simple morning stretches you'll be feeling more flexible, grounded and strong in no time!

So for less stress, better sleep and increased happiness, get stretching!