8 Strange Reasons You Got Ghosted: Guys Who Did It Tell All

8 Strange Reasons You Got Ghosted: Guys Who Did It Tell All

For those who think we are talking about some ancient spiritual phenomenon, let me catch you up. "Ghosting" is the sudden disappearance of someone you were dating. No explanations, no nothing.

The person you were dating simply falls off the face of the earth, and you can't reach them on the phone or through social media. We believe it's the cruelest form of breaking up, and we are pretty sure we are right.

But apparently, "ghosters" have their reasons for doing it to fellow human beings.

1. I Wanted To Keep Her In Case I Needed Her In Future

This has to be hands down the most selfish explanation anyone could use for ghosting someone. Dean did not see ghosting as a permanent way to end the relationship.

He considered it a means to keep his options open so he could go back in case the girl he had made a priority did not work out as he expected. What a jerk!

2. As A Way To Avoid Confrontation

James has a problem with breakups. To be fair to him, we all do. But also, not everyone goes around putting people through unimaginable mental anguish just because breakups are hard. Some growing up is still needed here.

3. I'm Immature

John had to ghost the girl he was seeing because he was immature. He says he used the technique because he was not yet a man. We see his point. A lesson to you ladies: stop dating boys and get a real man.

4. My Confidence To Explain My Decision Failed Me

It's okay. It happens. But you did not have to turn your lack of confidence into cowardice, Jake. We all have to face our fears and situations we are not crazy about. You let your fear go too far.

5. I Had No Respect For Her

Wow! I don't know what to say here, Mike. This tells us more about you than it does about her. Usually, self-respecting people and people worthy of respect have no problem acknowledging the dignity and humanity of others.

So, that you could knowingly do something so heinous to someone because you knew you would have no guilty feelings about it does not cast you in the best light. God help whoever you end up with!

6. I Thought Official Breakups Were For Official Couples

We are not buying it, Jack. This is total hogwash and you know it. It should not matter how casual you felt things were. You still owe the other person some explanation for your drastic decision.

People have feelings, even if you no longer do. The relationship might not have been "real" or "official", but the person was. Keep that in mind next time.

7. Other Breakup Techniques Hadn't Worked Out So Well For Me

Ben admits that he had tried other ways of breaking up before, but that did not go well. And he thought he could try something new. So, he thought, why not ghosting?

While we understand the logic of not wanting the woman you no longer care for, giving you reasons you fell short, ghosting is still a bad move.

After all, you will never be perfect for everyone except the right person. So, learn to deal with breakups in an adult way and don't be so cruel to anyone in the future.

8. I Thought It Would Spare Her Feelings

How, Brian? Put yourself in her shoes. How would you feel if someone you cared about suddenly disappeared from your life? Consider the mental torture. If you wanted to spare her feelings, ghosting is the last thing you would have done.

I see nothing here we haven't heard before. None of these points are strong enough to justify the cruelty that is ghosting. Stop it already and let's all act like responsible adults. We can break up, yes. But we don't have to make people suffer in the process.