8 Signs You're More Guarded In Love Than You Think

It is understandable to be guarded in matters of love, as it is all too easy to get hurt. It is important to protect your heart and prioritize self-preservation. However, it is possible to be overly cautious in relationships without even realizing it. Building trust and opening up to others takes time, and a worthwhile partner should be willing to put in the effort to gain your trust. If you can relate to any of these points, it may be beneficial to consider loosening up a bit and allowing yourself to be more vulnerable in your relationships.

1. Intimacy Makes You Laugh

The situation is not amusing, it is actually causing you great discomfort. Even when you realize that your behavior is hurting your partner's feelings, you find it difficult to control your reaction. It's possible that your tendency to be overly defensive or guarded is responsible for your actions. Acknowledging this behavior in yourself can be helpful, and having an open conversation with your partner about your emotions and acknowledging your immature reaction may lead to better understanding and empathy from both sides.

2. You Always Try To Keep Things Casual

It is essential for you to maintain a casual approach in your relationships, avoiding any activities or discussions that may imply a deeper level of commitment. You prefer to steer clear of conversations regarding emotions or future plans, even if you genuinely have feelings for your partner. This caution is due to your past experiences, as you are wary of getting too involved in case the relationship does not work out, as it often does.

3. You View Commitment As An Ultimatum

The idea of a man seeking commitment from you, even if he is wonderful, is not viewed positively, instead, it feels more like an ultimatum than a happy step forward in the relationship. The concept of progressing towards a more committed status is not clear to you, as it seems to potentially jeopardize a perfectly good relationship. The idea of "ruining a good thing" by taking the next step is difficult for you to comprehend.

4. Feelings Make You Uncomfortable

Whether it's having them, discussing them, or observing others display them on television or elsewhere, your typical response is more of annoyance and disgust rather than a warm and positive feeling. You tend to avoid such situations or experiences as much as possible.

5. You Prefer Subtle Displays Of Emotions

Public displays of affection and elaborate romantic gestures are not your preference. Even a simple hug in public might feel excessive to you. Instead, you appreciate more subtle expressions of affection, such as your partner buying you a latte or taking care of your oil change.

6. People Tell You You're Mysterious Or Hard To Get To Know

It can be confusing when people accuse you of not being transparent, as you consider yourself to be an open book. However, the reason behind this perception is that you tend to selectively share only certain aspects of your life while keeping other topics to yourself. This tendency to filter information can be noticed by those who pay close attention to your communication style.

7. You Think People Who Jump Into Relationships Are Foolish

While it is true that some relationships may not last, there are people who have an instinctive understanding of love and are willing to embrace it wholeheartedly. If you tend to criticize or judge every new couple you come across, it is possible that your own inclination towards being guarded makes you uncomfortable with the idea of others taking a more open and impulsive approach to their relationships.

8. Relationship Progress Feels Suffocating

Things may seem fine in a relationship until it starts to get more serious, and at that point, you feel extremely uncomfortable. The mere thought of getting closer to someone can trigger a physical reaction in your body. For instance, when your partner leaves his toothbrush at your place, it feels suffocating, almost like having carbon monoxide around.