8 Signs You're A Realistic Romantic, Not A Hopeless One

Hopeless romantics often have unrealistic views on life and love, and they frequently fail to hold themselves accountable for their actions. They may expect unreasonable things from their partners while refusing to make changes to their own behavior. Instead of taking responsibility for their love life, they may complain about their "bad luck" and become consumed by the misery of failed relationships. In contrast, realistic romantics take a practical approach to love and relationships. If you identify as a realistic romantic, you likely prioritize communication, self-reflection, and personal growth in your relationships.

1. You realize that chick flicks are a load of BS

You don't get swept away by badly written and cringe-worthy movies that depict unrealistic love stories, nor do you compare your own love life to Hollywood standards. You see movies as mere entertainment and nothing more. In fact, you would likely choose to watch a classic Bruce Lee film over the latest ridiculous romantic comedy starring generic attractive actors.

2. You feel that respect is something to be earned, not automatically given

While common courtesy should be extended to everyone, you believe that respect is earned and only given to those who deserve it. If someone behaves poorly, you believe that they should be treated accordingly. Earning your boyfriend's genuine respect is a significant priority for you, and you wouldn't take any action that could jeopardize that.

3. You treat your partner as an equal

You never consider tasks or responsibilities as being solely a "man's job". You believe in contributing equally and do not set unrealistic expectations for your partner. Your relationship is founded on true partnership, and you do not sit idly by while expecting your partner to constantly shower you with extravagant displays of romance.

4. You have no problem approaching men

You understand that finding the perfect partner requires effort from both yourself and your potential significant other. You do not expect a fairytale romance to simply fall into your lap without any work on your part, and you do not become resentful because of it. In the year 2016, you are unfazed by the prospect of asking someone out, even if it means approaching a glorious bearded individual for their number.

5. You're fully aware that your partner is human

You recognize that, like any other individual, your partner is human and has their own flaws and imperfections. However, you do not view these traits as inherently negative, but rather as normal human qualities. Making mistakes is a natural aspect of the human experience and does not necessarily mean that someone is irreparable. While you do not believe it is your responsibility to fix someone's problems or support someone who hurts you, minor flaws and imperfections do not bother you.

6. You're a stable person

It takes a significant amount of frustration to anger you, as you are not an unapproachable, irritable, and emotional mess. Rather, you are a dependable and composed woman who maintains a calm demeanor in all aspects of your life. You understand that acting irrational or unstable leads to more problems, rather than creating a fairytale romance with violins playing in the background as you ride off into the sunset on a majestic stallion.

7. You accept yourself

Although there is always room for improvement, you genuinely like yourself and do not view yourself as a constant work in progress. Instead, you see yourself as a complete individual with plenty to offer. While you have moments of doubt like anyone else, you possess an overall sense of self-confidence and do not allow insecurities to negatively impact your relationship.

8. Failed romantic endeavors don't get you down

You understand that not every dating experience will be successful, and you are comfortable with that fact. Recognizing that romance often involves trial and error, you do not expect perfection in every encounter. Walking away from a relationship that is clearly doomed does not damage your self-esteem, but instead adds to your wisdom and experience.