Has someone ever told you how intimidating you are? How they were afraid to approach you, or even talk to you for the first time. But when they became close to you, you turned out to be the kindest person they’ve ever met.

Persons with strong opinions and personalities are often misinterpreted. They might be seen as aggressive, overly-opinionated, rude, dominant or acting bitchy. Here’re 8 signs of people with a strong personality which terrifies many people.

1. You’re picky and cautious about the people you let into your life.

Having a strong personality means you don’t rely or depend on other peoples opinions to define you. You have a high-esteem. You have a strong understanding of yourself, you know what you want and go out to get it. Due to your strong personality, you won’t settle for someone or something less than what you deserve.

2. You don’t tolerate excuses.

When you’ve a strong personality, you don’t allow anyone to waste your time complaining or whining about the things they can’t or can do. You’re action-oriented. You instead focus on yourself to overcome obstacles and accomplish more goals.

You always focus on solutions instead of worrying over problems. You’re always pushing yourself hard to become a better version of you, even when others try dragging you down.

3. Small conversations aren’t your thing.

It’s not that you can’t hold unimportant talks, but you understand there’s no point of wasting your time and energy on conversations which don’t matter. You desire deep and meaningful conversations where you can connect and share valuable ideas with others.

4. Insensitivity, idiocy and willful ignorance irritate you.

As an independent person, you’re an overthinker and well-informed. You often find it irritating when someone makes wrong judgments on issues they don’t understand.

Since you take time to exercise your brain to explore, learn and discover things, you don’t tolerate uneducated arguments. And you often use your knowledge to enlighten and encourage others to think before making baseless judgments.

5. You’re fearless.

It’s human nature to get afraid. But you believe worries should be rooted with reasons. They shouldn’t be baseless. And you face fears with dignity instead of letting them control you.

6. You’re a good listener.

You know how to listen. And you might think others appreciate it, but it terrifies them. They aren’t used to being encouraged or listened to.

7. You turn insecurities into opportunities.

Insecurities according to you are opportunities to improve yourself and your situation. Or just to do better. You understand you aren’t perfect, but you don’t stop giving your best efforts to grow, learn or evolve. No matter what people say about you, you value progress.

8. You don’t look for frivolous attention.

You’re self-sufficient. You don’t require anyone’s validation or seek attention from people.

Even though people like you, it’s your personality, mental and emotional stability that attracts them to you. Attention to you comes naturally. You don’t need to look for it.