8 Signs He Regrets Hurting You

It's unlikely that there's any reason to continue using social media after a breakup other than to keep tabs on your ex. Although it may not be a healthy behavior, there are some clear indications that someone feels remorseful about their role in the relationship's breakdown. These signs suggest that he wants to make amends and feels guilty for hurting you.

1. He Starts Calling You

I have a strong aversion to cold callers, but unexpected communication from an ex-partner is even worse. Whether it's a text expressing their longing for you or a voicemail asking to talk, both should be approached with caution. On the one hand, you want to have your own space to deal with the aftermath of a relationship. On the other hand, it's comforting to know that they're also thinking about you and feeling the effects of the split, such as binge-watching TV shows and indulging in comfort food.


2. He's Stalking Your Socials

It's comparable to a dog coming back from a walk with a drooping tail, despite spending the entire time barking at squirrels and pulling on the leash. The dog knows that its owner witnessed its behavior, yet it continued anyway. You'll inevitably notice their icon on your recently viewed story statistics, though you'll feel only a slight sense of gratification. It's not anyone's concern that you were checking your Instagram every hour to verify that they viewed it, except for you and your conscience.


3. His Friends Start Reaching Out

He exhibits one of the most significant signs of regret for hurting you, which is shameful as he's enlisting his friends to do his dirty work. He may even act like a coward and use his friends to convey his remorse through your friends, like in middle school. The news will reach you through the grapevine that he misses you and is remorseful. However, the order in which those feelings appear matters. Keep in mind that regret isn't a complete transformation after a breakup, as it's only one of the stages.


4. He Reinvents Himself

According to your friends, if he's serious, he'll get a haircut, see a therapist, and involve his friends in running with him. If he shows up with a new appearance, boasting about a promotion, and wearing the shoes you once complimented him on, it's a sign that he's attempting to reinvent himself. He acknowledges his wrongdoing and is ashamed of how he hurt you, and he wants to move forward by distancing himself from it. If he's genuinely changed for the better on an emotional level, you should give him the opportunity to demonstrate it. He's making an effort, which is more than can be said for most people. Just ensure that he takes responsibility for his past mistakes.


5. He Turns Up At Your Door With Flowers

We're treading the line between creating a safe space and making grand romantic gestures, but it's a step in the right direction. If he's regretting being distant and inattentive, then taking action to improve is a positive sign. Making an effort to meet your needs better shows that he's willing to make mistakes and learn from them.


6. He Starts Listening To Taylor Swift

No need to say more. He acknowledges that he's experiencing intense emotions and needs an outlet for them. He's starting to embrace his emotional side instead of avoiding it. This is a clear sign that he regrets hurting you, but he's also growing more in touch with his sensitive side.

7. He Starts Therapy

Isn't this similar to the previous option? Jokes aside, he's working on improving himself before he focuses on relationships. By being honest and open with others, he's taking the first step towards self-realization. This is his way of making up for not being honest with you before.


8. He Suddenly Gets Honest

Be cautious of the type of honesty that benefits him by unloading his darkest thoughts and feelings while absolving himself of guilt. This kind of honesty doesn't serve your well-being. Nonetheless, there is a form of honesty that displays significant emotional growth and maturity, indicating that he's remorseful for hurting you previously. He must first be truthful with himself before being able to identify what he needs and learn how to attain it.


Avoid deceiving yourself into disregarding past issues, but if you notice indications that he's transformed his ways and is sorry for his prior actions, consider giving him an opportunity.