8 Signs A Man Is Using You Without You Even Realizing It

8 Signs A Man Is Using You Without You Even Realizing It

What would you want in a perfect guy? What would his personality be like?

Obviously, the last thing you want is to be with a man who only cares about himself. But people make relationship mistakes all the time.

So, you might end up with a guy who is not really into you and just wants to use you until someone better comes along. But love is blind, and you might miss all the signs that you are being used.


Here are signs that you are in a relationship with a guy who is just out to use you.

1. He depends on you financially

If he expects you to cover his financial obligations, then he is using you for your money. Even when you go out, he expects you to settle the bill because he sees you as his ATM.

2. He does not care about your feelings

This guy does not seem to care about your emotions. All through, his concern is for his needs and how he can better his life.


3. He does not keep his promises or his commitments

He makes promises but never bothers to follow through on them because he does not care about disappointing you. He seems oblivious to the pain you feel when he fails to keep promises he made to you. His focus is on doing what he finds convenient and beneficial to him.

4. He openly flirts with other girls

When he sees he might enjoy someone else's company better, he never holds himself back. All he cares about is what you can offer him at that specific moment. But when there are other girls around, he flirts with them without any regard for your feelings about the issue. That is because he wants to keep his options open for when someone better comes along because he knows that in the end, your relationship with him will not last the distance.


5. He never discusses commitment with you

Based on how things are going, you know he is all about living in the moment and that he has no interest in making a long-term commitment to you. That is because he knows a time will come when he will not want anything to do with you.

6. He never reveals much about himself

This guy doesn't really care about letting you know who he is. That is because he does not feel comfortable doing so because he knows there is nothing serious that is going to take place between the two of you. To him, this relationship will soon come to an end and he does not see any need to invest so much of himself into it.


7. Your friends claim there's something wrong

First of all, you should not take everything your friends tell you and go with it. In the end, you should make the final decision. However, when you get their advice, you should give it some thought. Remember they also have your best interest at heart. So, when they tell you that the man you are with might be taking you for a ride, it might be true.


8. In the bedroom, it's all about his pleasure, not yours

When you two get intimate, he does not bother with pleasuring you. He just focuses on getting sexually fulfilled and once that goal is attained, he does not care what you feel or want.