8 'Rude' Things People Do That Are Actually Caused By Anxiety

8 ‘rude’ Things People Do That Are Actually Caused By Anxiety

Anxiety manifests itself in many ways. A person can have physical symptoms, mental disorder, emotional stress, or a change in behaviors. And most times, anxious people tend to behave in ways that we might consider "rude." But they act in this manner as a defense mechanism that enables them to cope with the inner fight inside their mind.

When you meet someone, you might be quick to judge them according to their behaviors. The first impression that someone expresses has a lasting impact.

Thus, when we judge a person, we tend to hold on to that judgment for a long time. If you meet someone who's impolite, we often misinterpret them as "weird" or "not raised right." Which may not be the case.

According to Navid Nagahban, you only need to fit yourself in somebody's shoes to understand what they're feeling. By doing so, you'll know why they're acting or reacting in a 'not okay' behavior. Here are common behaviors expressed by people suffering from anxiety.

1. Cancelling Plans.

We agree to meet with our friends, go out on a date and make plans to have fun. But when the day comes, we make excuses not to attend. We even find numerous reasons why we should not. And when we do so, we feel relieved and terrible at the same time.

2. You May Get Snappy With Friends Or People Around You.

You may use a harsh or abrupt tone on them or even get blown up by small things.

Anxiety will make us rude. Although we don't mean it, it'll always make us feel worried, and the slightest touch can even push us over.

3. We Interrupt Conversations.

We tend to interrupt when someone else is talking because we know we might not remember what we needed to say a few seconds later. Although we understand it's irritating, we can't help it. But we'll feel regretful about our actions afterward.

4. We Cut Off Eye Contact.

When we're suffering from anxiety, we look in a different direction when someone is talking to us. We might also look down at our phone or at our hands instead of facing the person speaking to us. It's not being "rude." Sometimes we can't handle looking at someone's eyes when we're anxious.

5. We Spend A Lot Of Time On Phones, Especially When We're Around People.

We know it's being impolite because we dislike it when others act this way. When having a bad day, we keep our mind occupied to avoid escalating into an anxiety attack.

6. Avoiding Relationships.

Anxiety will make us distance ourselves from friends, new people, and sometimes from family members. Because all we want is to "focus on us."

7. We Avoid People We Know.

When we run into someone we know in the streets, we tend to avoid talking to them. This may seem rude, but anxiety will make us feel uneasy to speak to them. For instance, you fear acting weird or saying something stupid to them.

8. We Get Sarcastic.

Anxious people are cynical, especially when defending themselves. They can use words that pushes other people away to avoid criticism.