8 Reasons You Always Get Hit On More When You Are In A Relationship


I have noticed that I receive more attention and invitations for dates when I'm in a relationship compared to when I'm single. This seems to be a common experience among my friends as well, and although it may seem strange, there is a logical explanation for it. Here's why being in a relationship can make you a more desirable prospect.

1. Guys are more attractive to the vibe you put out when you're in a relationship

When in a relationship, you don't have any expectations from new guys you meet. As a result, you come across as more self-assured and composed, rather than appearing desperate. When searching for a partner, we often scrutinize our behavior and try to modify our actions and words to be more likable. However, when you are already in a relationship, you are more likely to be authentic and not attempt to impress other guys. This genuineness is undoubtedly an appealing quality.


2. It's human nature to want what you can't have

When a guy realizes that you're already taken, he may be more inclined to make a move on you than when you're single. This is because you appear to be unapproachable, which can be a boost to his ego. If he manages to get your attention, his self-assurance will skyrocket, knowing that pursuing someone in a relationship is a more significant challenge than someone single. It is possible that guys hit on you more frequently when you're in a relationship because they enjoy the challenge.


3. Genuine happiness radiates

Positivity is undoubtedly an appealing characteristic, and if you're content in your relationship, it will reflect in your conversations and interactions. People are generally drawn towards individuals who are cheerful and optimistic, so if you project that vibe to guys, that could be a reason why they hit on you more often. Moreover, a guy may assume that since you possess an upbeat and positive personality, being in a relationship with you would be just as delightful.


4. You don't play hard to get, you are hard to get

Appearing hard to get, whether due to being in a relationship, having high standards, or simply being adept at projecting such an image, boosts the likelihood of a guy asking you out. Men love challenges, and nothing is more gratifying to them than winning over a girl who appears unapproachable. Furthermore, if a guy detects that you are faking being unattainable, it will be an immediate turn-off. Therefore, the fact that you seem unattainable will increase men's interest in you.


5. You most likely have more self-confidence

In a thriving relationship, your significant other can boost your self-esteem, which can lead to feeling more self-assured. This boost in confidence may be a reason why you are getting asked out more frequently when in a relationship than when single. Confidence is undoubtedly an appealing quality!


6. You seem less intimidating

Being in a relationship often results in perceiving all guys as friends, which causes you to behave in a casual and friendly manner around them. This friendly and approachable demeanor could be a reason why guys are suddenly drawn to you.

7. You're not actively seeking a relationship when you're already in one

It's often observed that the harder you try to find something, the more challenging it becomes to find it. When you're not actively seeking a boyfriend or relationship, guys tend to be more interested in you because you come across as relaxed and without any agenda. You are more likely to get asked out when you're not being too forceful and desperate to find a boyfriend.


8. Your attitude towards men and life in general may have changed

Being in a relationship can result in a more favorable perception of men compared to when you were single. Additionally, you are less likely to project an image of being high-maintenance and difficult to please because your attitude towards men becomes more relaxed and detached. You don't feel the need to pretend to be someone you're not, as you're not actively seeking to date other men. This relaxed demeanor may be a reason why guys ask you out more often.