8 Reasons Why I’m Not Afraid Of Being Single, I’m Afraid Of Being With A Guy Who Doesn’t Give A Damn About Me

There’s nothing wrong with staying single. Even though as humans we’re fearful of loneliness, being alone is better than having an unhappy relationship.

However, many people prefer staying in toxic and bad relationships to avoid being criticized by others. Or they are afraid of being lonely. The truth is that being single has many positive aspects, and it isn’t scary.

You shouldn’t be afraid of being alone. Being single doesn’t mean you’re lonely but strong enough to say no to toxic relationships that waste your time. Being alone is better than loving a man who makes you feel terrible about yourself.

Heartbreaks are stressful and depressing. Thus, when you get hurt, it’s not okay to put yourself in such situations until you meet the one who’s ready to take care of you.

Singlehood is essential as it can help you learn new and exciting things. It’ll give you the opportunity for self-growth, self-love, and exploration of your inner soul. Here are the reasons why I prefer being single to being in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t care about me.

1. I’m afraid of someone who doesn’t allow me to be myself

I’m afraid of being with someone who doesn’t accept or cherish the person I am. I need a partner who can withstand my weaknesses, and isn’t consistently trying to change me to something or someone I can’t be.

I don’t need a guy who criticizes my accomplishments and makes me feel like I’m not good enough.

I’m scared of a partner who doesn’t allow me to be free, doing the things I like and enjoy. One who doesn’t appreciate my clumsy, sarcastic, and funny character.

2. I’m not afraid of sleeping alone, but waking up with a man who has become a stranger to me

I’m afraid of a person who treats me as a stranger — a person who’s not kind, tender, loving, and compassionate to me. I’m scared of being with a man who has stopped loving and caring for me.

3. I’m afraid of making love with a guy who doesn’t make me feel loved

I don’t want a person who only focuses on my physical body, but not my emotions — a guy who wants to satisfy his needs but not mine. I don’t want to be an object for satisfying another person’s desires with nothing in return.

4. I’m afraid of being hurt, not crying!

Crying can’t make me less of a woman. I’m just afraid of that guy who doesn’t care to hurt me and to break my heart — a partner who’ll always cheat and lie to me. I’m afraid of a man who doesn’t treat me with the respect, love, and compassion that I deserve.

5. I’m afraid of investing my love in the wrong company

I can enjoy my favorite dinner alone in a restaurant. I can go shopping, visit the cinema and exhibitions because I enjoy my own space and freedom.

But I can’t do this with a person who doesn’t appreciate my company — a man I don’t share anything in common with. I’m afraid of falling in love with such a partner.

6. I’m scared of loving the wrong man, not making mistakes

Stumbles are part of my life, and they teach me valuable lessons. The only mistake that scares me is loving the wrong person.

A person I’ll have to plead to for love and attention. A person that will only fool me with empty promises and fake sweet words.

7. I’m afraid of loving a man who doesn’t listen or understand me

I’m scared of loving a person who doesn’t listen to what I have to say. A person who dictates everything I need to do. That annoying guy who doesn’t have something meaningful to share with me. A man who isn’t interesting to talk to.

8. I’m not scared of being alone, but being with a person who will make me feel alone

Being in a relationship that makes you feel lonely, more than when you were single is the worst feeling ever. I’d rather stay single for the rest of my life than be in love with someone who makes me feel empty and unhappy.

Being alone is the best decision compared to staying in a toxic, boring relationship. Until I meet that person who cares about me, I’m happier remaining single.