8 Reasons Why Exercise Makes You Happy

8 Reasons Why Exercise Makes You Happy

After a bad or exhausting day, most of us head straight to the gym or for a mild jog in the park and, after some time, start feeling good post-workout. We start feeling good with an elevated overall mood. Anyone who even moderately exercises is familiar with this feeling. But how does it happen? We're going to find that out here!

Exercise and happiness have been interlinked for a long time and many studies have also been conducted that eventually claimed the same. According to research on physical activity and good mood, only 10 minutes of exercise daily can result in more cheerfulness in people compared to ones who never exercise. Also, any type of exercise makes you happy.

1. Exercise Is A Natural Happiness Inducing Drug

With regular exercise, our brain releases the chemical dopamine, a necessary neurotransmitter in the brain to feel pleasure and happiness. With the loss of this chemical in the brain, we have to indulge in different activities like exercise that help in the maintenance of its supply. Thus, it's best to spare some time daily to get those happy hormones from exercise.

With exercise, you'll for sure have a healthy and happy future. Exercise is known to stimulate brain plasticity, which is the ability of the brain to adapt, change and deal with emotions. According to a 2020 review, it was shown that exercise had a positive impact on the plasticity of the brain in patients going through depression, and it significantly reduced its symptoms.

Additionally, exercise stimulates serotonin functions in the brain, which is another feel-good chemical. According to a review in 2017, it was shown that running increased tryptophan hydroxylase, an enzyme required for creating serotonin.

2. Getting Fit Equals To Looking Great And Feeling Good

It shouldn't be a surprising fact that with exercise you can easily maintain a healthy body weight additionally to other benefits. We all love smiling when putting on our favorite dress and workout clothes, and it is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world to look great while looking in the mirror with the combination of stunning outfits and a well-toned body. Thus, regular exercise holds the key to such happiness. So it's better not to be lazy and always be high on morale. Everyone gets to that point with dedication and consistency.

3. Re-Energize And Refresh

While most people think of exercise and rigorous workouts to drain the energy out of our bodies, they're completely wrong here as it does the opposite. Exercise helps people feel more refreshed and energetic, which is helpful to feel more refreshed and energetic, which is helpful to increase productivity. While being less tired and more rejuvenated, it's easier to keep going throughout the day and be alive for important meetings and family functions. It generally helps you in becoming more productive. Regardless, all such things only result in happy moments.

4. De-Stressing With Exercise

While exercising, people stress themselves to a low type of stress by elevating their heart rate, which triggers many hormonal changes. In this way, they're immunizing their bodies for stress while strengthening the response to factors inducing stress. Moreover, while exercise results in calming the mind and body down with refreshment, stress is the first thing to leave from the body at the earliest. Thus, with exercise, it's possible to replace stress with happiness in your life.

5. Stabilize Sleep Patterns With Exercise

Insomnia is common nowadays, especially for youngsters, as more people are becoming prey to terrible sleeping patterns. Most people sleep at odd hours and wake up late. If they wake up early, they get sleepy at an inappropriate time of the day.

With daily exercise and being active throughout the day, our bodies can easily maintain their emotional balance, resulting in significant improvement of our sleep quality. We can say that it smoothens our life. If you're not cranky and are frequently getting sleepy in the daytime, you can change this pattern with regular exercise, and your daily routines will be more efficient, and you'll become happier for sure.

6. Exercise Is The Perfect Depression Treatment

Regular exercise makes you happy, and it has also been recommended by American Psychiatric Association as a treatment plan to cure depression. Exercise can be effective along or when it is combined with other treatment options.

Random trials concluded that strength/resistance training and aerobic (running, walking, biking) training is beneficial for people with depression. At least 150 minutes of exercise in a week would be a good addition to overcome negative thoughts and feel good. Within four weeks of beginning an exercise routine, you will start noticing improvements.

7. Eat Healthy And Live Happy With Exercise

According to research, healthy eating is among the main reasons for happiness, and it all makes sense. We feel happy when we're treating our body well, and our body feels and works better by feeding it with healthy beverages and food.

Sometimes it is difficult to gain motivation for healthy eating. Exercise gives you that much-needed push! According to an orthopedic surgeon and assistant professor at the Minnesota University Medical School, "When people get into healthy habits such as exercise, they also start considering other areas, such as eating healthy.

According to published research in 2015, it was shown that beginning to or continuing exercise resulted in increased vegetable and fruit consumption in women and men.

Another study in 2019 got similar outcomes where participants were in a 15-week program that previously had sedentary lifestyles and were now likely to adapt to healthy eating and overall lifestyle.

8. Better Immune Function Through Exercise Keeps You Happy

With a stronger immune system, you won't easily develop sickness. As we're happier when we're feeling good and healthy, so we can say that boosting the immune system helps us in the making happy - and exercise considerably helps with that. However, it should be turned into a habit.

According to a 2018 review, evidence suggests that when exercise is regularly done for at least 45 minutes - it will prevent the immune system from weakening upon aging.


Exercise has a lot of benefits that help us in leading a healthier and happier life overall. Exercise makes you happy by boosting mood, improving your memory, increasing longevity, among various other benefits as well. Thus, if you wish to get the best mood-boosting and health benefits out of a workout, exercising regularly would be the best thing to do. Always consult with a doctor and fitness trainer before beginning a new exercise program.