8 Reasons She Is Convinced She Isn't Meant To Be Loved

8 Reasons She Is Convinced She Isn’t Meant To Be Loved

This girl is different from all the other girls you have ever met. She has no fear, and she understands what she wants out of life.

And it's not that she has no heart. No, she knows how to love, and she can give you all her heart.

She longs for love, but she has one problem – she sees romantic love as too complicated. She also thinks of herself as too complex for love.

She is of the idea that she is truly hard to love and that love is not in the cards for her. Here are some reasons she thinks this way.

1. She Won't Settle

She has seen this happen far too often – couples who settle for less than they want and then fake love for each other. It is not that she is picky. She just has high standards, understands her worth and the benefit of being in the right relationship.

2. She Is An Enigma

She has an inscrutable mind, and impressing her isn't the easiest thing to do. You need lots of patience, time, and energy to win her over. Her dreams are big, and her hopes and aspirations are larger than life also. She questions a lot of things, and she will always seem like a puzzle. She knows she demands a lot, and that is why she does not think she will ever find love because she does not think anyone can provide this to her.

3. She Is Strong And Independent

This girl has been through enough problems in her life to learning to depend on herself alone. She is tough, and in a way, she has become the man she always desired in her life. She feels complete without a man, and she feels that someone else in her life will simply hold her down.

4. She Is Old School

She is sick and tired of modern dating and casual romantic relationships. She does not judge, but she does not like the drama, the mind games, and shallow conversations with guys who have no relevance to her life. She prefers to be courted, to be won over. But she thinks these kinds of men no longer exist.

5. She Has Been Hurt Before

She has been through hell before. She was naive and gave her all, and the relationships still failed and her heart got broken again and again. So, she is guarded, and she even doubts the existence of love.

6. She Chooses To Be Single Over Being With The Wrong Guy

This is a woman who is not afraid to be alone. She does not feel the need to be in a relationship no matter what. She is ready to wait for the right guy, a guy who will give her whatever she needs. But all the waiting is making her doubt whether this will ever be possible.

7. She Believes In Fairy Tales

She might be strong, but she also believes in fairy tales. She does not think love is rational, and she would not like that kind of love anyway. She wants her love life to be a fairy tale. She thinks this kind of love might be hard to find, which is why she sometimes doubts she will ever find love.

8. She Is Set In Her Ways

She can make compromises, as all romantic involvements require, but changing for someone else's sake is something she will never do. Even if she loves you to death, she will still be who she is. You have to accept who she is, and she knows this can be hard, which is why she might have doubts about ever finding love in her life.