8 Old But Golden Tips From The Past To Make Your Date Much More Special And Romantic

8 Old But Gold Tips From The Past To Make Your Date Much More Special And Romantic

Before dating came along in the early 20th century, people would court. Courting was not as emotional as dating. Instead, it was focused on getting two people married.

So, people would meet, with the involvement of their parents, to find the most suitable marriage partner for them. During these times, social status and financial wellbeing were the most important factors. There was nothing like 'going out on dates'.

Dating began when parents were no longer in the picture as potential couples met. There was another paradigm shift as well. Instead of trying to find the right marriage partner, the goal changed to finding love and romance before finally settling down to marriage.

But dating today is nothing like it was when it first began. At the time, after the young people agreed to go out, they would watch a movie and otherwise have a good time and at the end decide if they wanted to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

The guy had to make some effort as well and be a gentleman. It would take a few dates before the two could get close.

Today, people don't date. They just hang out and avoid saying it's a date. The guy doesn't even always walk the lady home, and they could even sit and watch a movie at his house.

Dating has become so watered down that the romance that went with dates when they first began is completely lost. That's why we have a lot to learn from ancient dating habits, for example:

1. Say You Are Going On A Date, Not Hanging Out

The word hanging out is being used way too much. To really show that you want to know the person and possibly pursue a romantic relationship with them, tell them it's a date. Dating is seen as too serious a word. However, hanging out shows a lack of effort on your part as the guy.

2. Put The Phone Down

Today, people are so attached to their phones, and they have even become addicted to these small devices. While it's understandable considering how much we need this technology, it is also a turn-off when you pay more attention to your phone than to the person sitting right in front of you. You can decide to use it only during emergencies.

3. Clarify Your Intentions

When you have been dating for a while, you should at least let each other know where the relationship is going. People avoid that, and this ruins the good potential that a relationship has of moving forward.

4. Bring Back Some Chivalry

Chivalry is considered dated. But in the past, the gentleman would pick up the lady before taking her to dinner. Today, the guy texts that he is outside and the lady walks out and meets him. This is not very romantic.

5. Show Up On A Date On Time

Punctuality can be very charming, and it shows that you are taking your date seriously. So, try not to be late for a date.

6. Don't Hurry The Sex

Today, people go on late first dates expecting that the date will end in sex. That is not what dating has traditionally been like. First of all, you should know each other before you get intimate to avoid getting your emotions and intentions jumbled up.

7. Dancing

Today, most people think dancing means clubbing. And let's be honest, in most cases, clubbing means sitting at the bar drinking all night. But it was not always like that. Actually going with your date to dance would make a date truly special.

8. Protect The Lady As You Walk On The Street

Some people are not even aware of this rule. The gentleman should be walking between the lady and the street to show he will protect her from any danger.

The world of dating today has changed in a big way, and not necessarily for the better. In general, we have a lot to learn from ancient dating habits.